Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin announce separation after 23 years of marriage

The driver left open the possibility of meeting again in the future with the father of her daughters

Andrea Legarreta is living one of the most difficult moments of her life as she announced her separation from Erik Rubín after almost 23 years of marriage. As explained by the singers through a statement they published on Wednesday afternoon, February 22, on their social networks, both decided to go their separate ways five months ago but decided to share it until now that they are in the process of acceptance.

The news shocked the national artistic environment, as the artists were recognized for having a solid marriage. After what happened, Andrea Legarreta normally appeared on Hoy and, before anything else, decided to share the news with the morning show’s audience. Between tears and her heart in her hand, she assured that their separation was not the result of infidelity or a specific problem. Their love was transformed.

The singers took this photo without knowing that they would star in a romantic love story that came to an end in 2023. (Photo Instagram: @andrealegarreta)
The singers took this photo without knowing that they would star in a romantic love story ending in 2023. (Photo Instagram: @andrealegarreta)

I don’t want to make a drama out of this because there are very strong situations that several people in the world are going through. Finally, everyone has their own pains and I don’t consider it a tragedy either, it was a decision that is strong because when you love someone so much? maybe it would be easier after a fight or a disappointment, but here it is not like that.

Andrea Legarreta

The presenter, who her colleagues sheltered on the morning show before opening up about her separation, could not hold back her tears while reading the press release she released with the father of her daughters to announce that they are no longer a couple.

“We couples fall in love and get together, longing for it to be for life. We are very fortunate and say it from the bottom of our hearts. We both wrote this text from our hearts. We are very fortunate and happy to have found each other, to have a beautiful life together, because it has been, and surely will continue to be (…) we form a beautiful family much better than we dreamed,” she said, her voice cut off.

Despite the feelings, the former member of Strawberries and Cream finished reading the entire statement. In this way, she reiterated that their separation was amicable and assured that they would continue living together as a family for their two daughters, Mía and Nina, who are taking their first steps in the entertainment industry.

He also mentioned that they would maintain communication for their business: “We will continue to share life together as a family, we will continue to be partners in our companies, we have plans to work together on projects that we are very excited about and, above all, we continue to be a united family that loves, respects and supports each other.

Something that caught the attention was that the TV presenter left open the possibility of reconciling with Erik Rubín in the future: “This is one of the most difficult, most painful decisions we have made (…) we do not know what will happen in time, nobody knows, maybe we will realize that the decision we made was not the right one and life, in one of its turns, will surprise us again”.

Mia is following in her father's footsteps, while Nina inherited her mother's love of acting. (Photo: @andrealegarreta / Instagram)
Mia follows in her father’s footsteps, while Nina inherits her mother’s love of acting. (Photo: @andrealegarreta / Instagram)

The star of Vivan los niños ended her speech by asking for respect for herself, her ex-partner, and her daughters, since they are all learning to live this new stage in their lives. Although dismayed by the situation, she advised everyone not to stop believing in a couple’s love. She considers that everything she built with the interpreter of Princesa Tibetana will remain even if they are no longer together.

I ask you to keep believing because love is beautiful, it is what moves us and there is no lack of love. Yesterday Erik and I, together, before sending this message to the people, lit a candle, hugged each other and cried a lot. It is very strong when someone loves each other to make a decision like that, but we thought it could be that way. You will continue to see us together, we love each other, but sometimes as a couple you lose certain things.

Andrea Legarreta

It is worth mentioning that Andrea and Erik did not clarify if they were getting divorced.