Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo go to Barbara de Regil’s jugular after walking through Televisa

It is no longer news that the actress, Barbara de Regil She became a topic of conversation on social networks and not precisely because of some new video or nonsense that she said, but that she was surprised in the corridors of Televisa, something that immediately stole spotlights since it was speculated that she could change television.

For a few years, the protagonist of productions such as “Rosario Tijeras”, “Family secrets” and “Captive love” He has been one of the most important stars within TV Azteca, so his visit to the competition generated controversy.

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During the new coronavirus pandemic Covid-19, Bárbara de Regil, 34, has starred in endless scandals due to the controversies she has said in her videos on Instagram, which immediately went viral.

Undoubtedly, the strongest controversy that the model has had was related to the sale of her protein, as a nutritionist assured that it was not healthy and could cause serious health problems.

After days surrounded by controversies, Bárbara de Regil broke the silence by confessing that she received death threats after the investigator indicated that she received attacks for not sharing information about the alleged vegan protein.

Now, Bárbara de Regil stole spotlights after the program “Hoy” shared an interview in which the actress confessed her desire to travel abroad and try her luck in the entertainment industry internationally.

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Given this, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, star conductors of “Hoy”, decided to throw a couple of jokes that did not go unnoticed by anyone, so they immediately went viral.

With her peculiar sense of humor, the most famous presenters of the morning said that I wish Bárbara de Regil would not try to do shows, because they would possibly see her as a strong competitor: “I hope I don’t want to do shows”said the driver of Hoy.

However, the heaviest joke came moments later when the host of the Hoy program said that Bárbara de Regil went to the corridors of San Ángel to sell her protein, one of her most recent scandals: “She came to sell her protein.”