Andrea Legarreta and other celebrities showed their support for Galilea Montijo after the attacks he has received

“Hey pretty: I love you. Here I am for you always ”wrote the Mexican presenter Andrea Legarreta along with a photograph with Galilea Montijo, who for several days has received strong criticism from people who link her for wrongdoing with Inés Gómez Mont and Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga.

The Mont and Álvarez Puga couple faces charges in Mexico for money laundering and tax fraud.

The image, which has already garnered more than 106,428 likes on Instagram, arises after Montijo will publish a video in which in the midst of tears he asks for the attacks against him to stop because these not only affect her, but also her family.

“I do not have nor have I had any improper relationship, much less business with the Puga Gómez family”, He expressed lto tAlso presenter in the video that already has more than 1,342,4888 views and hundreds of comments.

In the video, Montijo explains in detail what activities her husband is currently doing, who has also been the target of strong criticism. “He is an impeccable and hardworking man, as well as being a great dad and partner,” she said of her husband.

“I ask and I really beg you to stop the attacks on me … I have always kept quiet and put up with it, I have been accused in many ways without proof, ”he said, breaking into tears.

Legarreta has not been the only one who has expressed his support for the Mexican. In the video published by Montijo, hundreds of people, including famous personalities, have expressed their solidarity with Montijo at this difficult time that he is going through.

“No one doubts your worth and the beautiful person you are. You are and you deserve all the good things always, ”wrote Lambda García.

“I love you partner. I’m always with you”, Hector Sandarti said.

“Love u. If God with you, who against you ”, said Jomari Goyso, who recently visited a medical center and asked that no one worry about him.

“You are the hardest working person. Always filling everyone with joy. it breaks my heart to see your tears ”, Anahí commented.

“It is easy to undermine the effort, discipline and talent that you have shown through the years. I have known you since I was a child, always with that angel and that light that causes envy. But most of us love and admire you. God with you ”, wrote Maribel Guardia.

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