Andrea Legarreta celebrates an emotional day with this member of her family

One of the drivers who has been working on “Hoy” the longest is the beloved Andrea Legarreta He moved his followers on his personal Instagram account by sharing an emotional message to a person he loves very much.

Despite the ups and downs that the host has had during her long career on the famous Televisa morning show, something that characterizes the host is her great affection that she shows to her loved ones and that moves her fans.

This was demonstrated on this occasion through a publication in which she sent a beautiful message to one of her cousins, whom she considers almost like a sister. Is about Maria Valentina Martinez Olguin who is birthday today.

This is Andrea Legarreta’s tender congratulations to her cousin

She is the cousin of Andrea Legarreta. Andrea Legarreta voices Lucy.

Andrea Legarreta decided to share a beautiful video as a birthday greeting for her beloved cousin María Valentina. She accompanied a series of memories that they have shared with a beautiful song by Betty Who called “I Love You Always Forever”.

Likewise, he dedicated an emotional message to him in the publication that earned a reaction from his fellow drivers of “Hoy”.

What I love you. How proud I am of you. I am grateful to have you as a life sister forever and ever. I wish all the beautiful things in life for you my precious Vale. You deserve love, smiles, cuddles, happiness, full health, unforgettable moments, fullness, peace, dreams fulfilled and all the blessings of life. I celebrate every second of your life and treasure your company, love and support always. Love youAndrea stated.

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What dubbing has Andrea Legarreta done?

Andrea Legarreta voices Lucy.

In case you did not know this detail about the work as host of the famous Andrea Legarreta, although a bear recently passed by again in “Hoy”, she has done several dubbings in animated films. One of the most famous is Lucy from Despicable Me 2 and 3.

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