Andrea Legarreta Discusses Ex-Husband Erik Rubín Finding New Romance

The article discusses Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín's separation after over 20 years of marriage and Rubín's new romance.

Erik Rubín, Andrea Legarreta’s ex-husband, was recently spotted with another woman, appearing to move on to a new romance after their separation in February 2023. Legarreta opened up about Rubín dating someone new, saying, “In the end, when you make a decision like this, and you are young and free, you have the right if you want to go out, to know, perhaps with time to start a new story.”

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín Announce Separation After Over 20 Years of Marriage

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín had been married for over 20 years before officially separating in February 2023. The former couple has two daughters together and emphasized in their separation announcement that there was “nothing wrong, or shady, and the only reason is the transformation of love as a couple.” They said they still loved and respected each other but felt their romantic relationship had continued after so many years together.

Despite the separation, Legarreta, Rubín, and their daughters have continued spending time together, including celebrating Rubín’s recent 53rd birthday. This context made Rubín’s new romance all the more apparent to Legarreta.

Legarreta Says Rubín Has a Right to Date Again

When asked about the photos of Rubín with another woman, Legarreta emphasized that she wishes him the best and believes he deserves happiness. She said, “I will always wish him the best. He is a very good man, and undoubtedly, there was a very nice story between us.”

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Legarreta explained that their separation agreement included being open with each other if one of them entered a serious new relationship since they are still friends after so many years together. However, while supportive of Rubín dating again, Legarreta admitted, “Not me, I have been asked a lot, but not me, not even to go out, there are people who tell me ‘I want to introduce you to a friend,’ but I’m not even ready for that.”

Legarreta Focused on Herself and Daughters, Not Dating

The TV host said she is focused on herself, her daughters, and her father. She is not ready to meet someone new or even go on casual dates. “Honestly, I don’t feel like it at all. I’m not ready, nor do I feel like it,” Legarreta stated. However, she did not rule out being open to love again in the future if the right person entered her life.

Legarreta declined to share details on the identity of the woman Rubín was photographed with. But she said it is clear he has moved forward into a new relationship after their marriage spanning over two decades. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Legarreta and Rubín are still close, tied together through their family and long history as a couple.