Andrea Legarreta experiments with intimate toys in full transmission of ‘Hoy’

Andrea Legarreta experiments with intimate toys in full transmission of ‘Hoy’

The morning of Televisa, “Today”, continues to give something to talk about, and the fact is that its drivers not only show themselves with great enthusiasm in each edition, but also somewhat curious, and a proof of this is undoubtedly the main presenter of the show, Andrea Legarreta.

In this Thursday’s broadcast, in one of the most successful programs on Hispanic television, They had as a guest the sexologist, Edelmira Cárdenas, who every week carries out some exercises to the broadcast so that the conductors and viewers can improve their sexual lives.

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Because of this, The hosts of Televisa’s morning broadcast let their imagination fly as Edelmira requests, and on this occasion the expert brought to forum 16 some objects with which Galilea, Andrea Legarreta, Andrea Escalona, ​​Raúl, Arath and Lambda had to experience some situations.

This time, Edelmira put each of the drivers of “Hoy” to use the toys, objects, and food that they brought to provoke a situation where they must initiate their partner to have relationships with the different senses, taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.

The first was Galilea who used the sense of sight, he continued Raul Araiza and later Andrea Legarreta who was touched so she chose to use an erotic toy that was on the table and as a model she asked her friend and partner Lambda to explain what she would do to her partner to incite him to have an intimate moment.

Andrea took from the table a macana guy which had some chains and that object slowly passed through Lambda’s back but for this he asked him to lift his shirt to be able to do it right.

Given this, Lambda, a little doubtful, raised his garment a bit and Andrea began to caress his skin with the aforementioned object, so the blonde began to feel strange sensations in his body and assured that he did feel “things” every time. they did that kind of caressing.


Lizbeth Rodríguez and Emir Pabón were part of the same team and all the points had been for them, until it was the turn of Raúl Araiza who faced Lambda Rodríguez.

The subject that both Lambda and Lambda had to say various words about. “El negro” were: “places where they put the horn on you”, the first to start was Raúl, however, there was a small interruption by Andrea Legarreta who told his friend: “You know about that”, however, this comment went unnoticed and the game continued.

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Nevertheless, time ran out for Raúl Araiza and he was the loser of this round, but, at the end of the turn of both competitors, again Andrea Legarreta took the floor and questioned himself: “How is it possible that ‘El Negro’ has lost?” Legarreta asked followed by an inevitable laugh.

Before the questioning of his friend, “The black” assured that he lost because he did not know many answers and was “inventing” them.