Andrea Legarreta explodes live for a controversial interview

Andrea Legarreta explodes live for a controversial interview

Showbiz continues to be hit by disease, this time the Mexican comedian Luis de Alba suffered a fall that took him to the hospital and underwent surgery for the emergency, a situation for which the alarms were set in the middle of the show for his health. The situation of the actor who gives life to “El Pirrurris” improved, which is why this morning he was discharged.

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The aforementioned intervention was directly on the spine and was performed in the same hospital where the famous Mexican regional music singer, Don Vicente Fernández, is in intensive care in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Thus, after the recovery, the actor left the hospital to be transferred in an ambulance to his home, however, when leaving the hospital, he was approached by journalists to find out how he feels about his recovery, before which Andrea Legarreta he reacted because it did not seem like the action.

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It was the reporter Kari Alejandre who made the note that outraged Legarreta, because in the interview with the actor who plays “Al Mouse Crispín”, he appears on a stretcher and in full convalescence.

“It’s good that he informed us, but I honestly disrespect that the man is on the stretcher, with his face mask, recently operated and with a microphone here,” said the presenter while showing a look of annoyance.

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It should be remembered that Luis had previously had hip problems and that to cover the costs of his treatment he came to the help of his fans, as well as various foundations because his lack of work has led to serious financial problems, for that reason he has put his hand from where he could.

“On behalf of his family, we request the support, affection and collaboration of friends, family and followers since due to the current hard times and a difficult economic situation (due to the lack of work of an artistic nature during the pandemic) it is impossible to run with the heavy expense of surgery and a new high-cost prosthesis. The expenses will amount to more than 400 thousand pesos and without having worked most of the year, it is a very difficult situation. It is worth mentioning that years ago he had a hip replacement. We thank you in advance for your expressions of affection and we ask that you join us in prayer for our Pirrurris. Today for you tomorrow for me“, It could be read on the platform where the cooperation was organized.