Andrea Legarreta has the luxury of wearing expensive Christian Dior boots

Andrea Legarreta once again she returns to teach that she can be one of the most fashionable women in the middle of the Mexican show business if she puts her mind to it, proof of this was when she let herself be seen with her exclusive ankle boots from the Christian Dior line, which she wore in a trip with his family.

It was Mía Rubín, daughter of the Mexican host, who showed off the exclusive boots of the world-class brand in black, which go with any outfit, so Andrea Legarreta made a good choice by going dressed in the same color as her boots. floor which look lovely in it, they also range from 20 thousand to 36 thousand pesos.

And it is that Andrea Legarreta, not only knows how to dress very well, because her footwear also has to look spectacular, so she did not hesitate at all to put on her striking footwear and although she rarely lets her fans see her with this type of brand , when he does it immediately draws attention.

Andrea Legarreta/Instagram’s luxury boots

In addition, the Mexican driver is also a lover of wearing Mexican clothing, as she has been seen wearing dresses in some cases handmade, as well as jewelry with which her fans fall in love, so she immediately asks where she buys them, leaving in place in each of your publications.

“Since I saw her on today’s show, she is the woman of my dreams, what a beautiful beautiful woman, her face, her eyes, her mouth, her whole body”, “How beautiful Andrea Legarreta, they are the best drivers”, “Neta I envy you Erik Rubín, you are lucky to arrive at night and have that woman at your disposal, “the networks write to the famous woman.

Another of the things for which she is praised in networks has been for maintaining a body of ten and it is that for years she has not only fed herself in the best way, she also does a lot of exercise, that is why the clothes she wears in the program Today every morning he is seen in ten and his fans immediately let him know.

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