Andrea Legarreta orders the guest of ‘Hoy’ to be silenced for criticizing Erik Rubín

Once again there were moments of tension during the transmission of the famous Televisa program “Hoy”, after one of the guests did not save anything by launching strong comments against the work of Erik Rubín, husband of Andrea Legarreta, star host of the broadcast.

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It should be remembered that the former vocalist of Timbiriche and the television host have established themselves as one of the most stable couples in show business, as they have been one of the most popular and stable marriages in the industry for several years.

In this sense, The couple never tire of sharing beautiful moments they live together on their social networks, so they usually celebrate the different achievements they have both in the music industry, as well as television, as their careers have not stopped growing since they got married.

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Thus, The most famous host of the morning of Televisa did not hesitate to defend her husband from the various attacks he received from one of the guests on this day’s broadcast, who immediately stole spotlights.

On this occasion they had a luxury guest and for that reason a presentation was made with long tablecloths because the renowned interpreter, Yahir, who was a former student of “La Academia” and former collaborator of “La Voz”. During his speech, he spoke about his various theater projects, as well as the projects that he had recently finished such as “La Desalmada”, a novel in which he had a brief participation.

It was at that moment where the Mexican singer expressed his excitement for participating in the staging “Jesus Christ superstar”, where he shares credits with Erik Rubín, husband of Andrea Legarreta.

The also protagonist of soap operas such as “My husband has a family” and “Quiéreme silto” confessed that the play brings a magnificent work, the only bad thing is the famous one who gives life to Judas (Erik Rubín), who in other editions of this staging has already done other roles in this play.

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After hearing Yahir’s statements, Andrea Legarreta did not keep anything to himself and asked Yahir to be quiet, because Erik Rubín “loved him” and applauds all the work he does in the play in which they coincide as well as in the music.

As expected, it was all a simple joke so all the drivers of “Today” began to laugh due to the funny exchange of words that the guests starred in.