Andrea Legarreta reveals that she became a virgin at her marriage to Erik Rubín

The most successful morning on Hispanic television, “Today”, continues to give something to talk about, and it is that on this occasion the drivers again made strong revelations, because after presenting a note, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo They talked about their ex-boyfriends.

And it is that Pepillo Origel and Arath de la Torre questioned Galilea and Andrea Legarreta on whether they, like Juan Soler, could resume a relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

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Faced with this question, Galilea Montijo She was the first to answer that she would never have a relationship with someone from her past, however, the Guadalajara said that she imagines that her ex-boyfriends think the same as her and do not want to have something with the driver again.

In response to Galilea Montijo’s response, Andrea Legarreta assured that she did not have to answer that question why how good her only boyfriend had been Erik Rubín.

However, this was not all that Legarreta said as he assured that Erik Rubín was the first man in his life, and although Arath de la Torre asked if it was true, Galilea Montijo couldn’t take it anymore and began to laugh because she did not believe him at all, however, Andrea Legarreta still said something else: “I got married a virgin!”Andrea Legarreta told his teammates.

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This statement caused Arath of the Tower and Galilea Montijo, incredulous, got up from the table and even some laughter from the people of Guadalajara did not wait.

Nevertheless, Juan José Origel did stay at the table along with Andrea Legarreta, who by the way was also laughing at what she said, but the journalist assured that he did believe her.


Andrea Legarreta has revealed in various interviews that her marriage has gone through difficult times, in addition to the rumors that have arisen due to the alleged infidelity on the part of her husband and about a divorce.

However, the couple has shown each time to be more united than ever and that the love they have has grown over time despite how quickly their relationship began.

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Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta met in a nightclub and he sent her a comment assuring that she would be “the mother of his children.” Although he did not start on the right foot, after that meeting they began to date.

Only three months after starting a relationship, the former member of “Timbiriche” asked her to marry him. Five years later his daughter Mía Robín was born and two years later Nina Rubín.