Andrea Legarreta scandalous life revelation Erik Rubín

  • At 50 years old, Andrea Legarreta makes an unexpected confession
  • The actress and host of the Hoy program reveals what no one would have expected about her life with her husband, singer Erik Rubín
  • “Andrea is a wretch that not even she believed it,” say some Internet users

After a week in which the Hoy de Televisa program has been on everyone’s lips, mainly due to the accusations towards one of its conductors, Galilea Montijo, who allegedly had a relationship with the drug trafficker Arturo Beltrán Leyva, Andrea Legarreta makes a scandalous revelation about his life with Erik Rubín.

Through the official YouTube channel of this television program, which has more than 2.5 million subscribers, you can see a video where the actress also revealed something that even her own colleagues found it difficult to believe. What will it be?

Andrea Legarreta, a mother proud of her daughters?

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Married to Erik Rubín since 2000, with whom she procreated her daughters Mia and Nina, Andrea Legarreta does not hesitate to share the pride she feels for both at the least possible opportunity. On this occasion, on the occasion of Nina’s participation in the theater, he dedicated an emotional message to her.

“A couple of nights ago I had to enjoy you on the stage of Sola in the dark … And you know? … Since you were a baby, I had the certainty that you were a special and magical being … As the years have passed, I verify it all the days, love. I have seen your passion, commitment and happiness for doing what you do! This career is one of passion, talent and sacrifice… And the result of that combination in you has been a beautiful, funny, brave and moving character! How delightful to see you play Gloria! Pride and infinite love flow through my pores ”.

Show your support for Galilee

Show your support for Galilee
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After the video that Galilea Montijo uploaded to his social networks, where he asked, even begged, that the attacks against him stop, the signs of support have been present in different ways, and of course, among these people, his friend could not be absent. Andrea Legarreta.

“Hey, pretty: I love you !!! Here I am for you, “wrote the Mexican actress and host, to which Gali immediately responded that he adored her, in addition to thanking her for her support. It should be noted that Guadalajara was one of the people who did not fully believe the scandalous revelation that Andrea made about her life with Erik Rubín. Why will it be?

Andrea Legarreta with “two of his greatest loves”

Andrea Legarreta with
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But before going into details, we show a tender image in which the host of the Hoy program, who was part of the group Fresas con crema, appears with her husband Erik Rubín and her daughter Mía, who has decided to follow in the footsteps of her famous father in the world of music.

“My face says it all !! Happiness and total love! Yesterday two of my greatest loves visited us today! To invite the public to his concert # Raíces, which will be today Friday, December 3 at @ Foro360mexico. I am so happy and proud of you sweethearts! May God continue to bless you always! I love you infinitely! ”.

Andrea Legarreta, did she marry a virgin?

Andrea Legarreta, did she marry a virgin?
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At the end of last September, in one more broadcast of the Hoy program, Andrea Legarreta left his colleagues with their mouths open. It all started when the entertainment journalist Pepillo Origel asked Galilea Montijo if she would return with an ex-boyfriend, to which he responded with a gesture of disgust.

And when no one asked, Andrea said that “the good thing” was that Erik Rubín was her only boyfriend and the first in her life: “I got married a virgin,” she shared before the ridicule of Gali and Arath de la Torre, who preferred leave before you continue to hear more ‘lies’. Pepillo was the only one who believed him.

“Now Andrea did make me laugh”

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This scandalous revelation by Andrea Legarreta about her life with Erik Rubín not only took the hosts of the Hoy program by surprise, but also Internet users, who did not allow much time to express their views. “Now Andrea did make me laugh.”

“Andrea is a musty woman that not even she believed it”, “I don’t believe Andrea Legarreta because in an interview she commented that she had lost her virginity at 15 with her boyfriend at that time and it was not Erik Rubín”, “Hahaha , I believe Andy ”, you can read in more comments (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“Andrea has a good friendship with my exes.” Erik rubin

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Andrea Legarreta is not jealous with the ex-partners of her husband Erik Rubín, on the contrary, she even gets along well with all those who at some point stole the singer’s heart, this was assured by the member of Timbiriche, who commented that he maintains an excellent relationship with whom you had an affair in the past.

“I have always been very passionate and very intense, with all my exes I get along incredible, I see all of them and I love them and I would never dare to speak ill of any of them. There is so much affection between us, in fact, Andrea has a very good friendship with all my exes and I with her exes ”, Erik said at a press conference.

Daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín follows in her parents’ footsteps

Daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín follows in her parents' footsteps
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Singer Erikm Rubín, married to Andrea Legarreta since 2000, met with his daughter Mia to announce the 16-year-old’s debut on stage. Raíces is the name of the show that Mía and Erik offered this December 3 at the 360 ​​Show Center, where they will be accompanied by Chucho Rivas, Kalimba and Yahir.

“Since I was little I always knew that I wanted to be a soloist, it has always been a dream not because I don’t want to be part of a group, but because I see myself alone; Yes, it is a job, but I am excited to have started with my father ”, expressed Mía Rubín Legarreta.

“I just hope he’s happy”

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“Even if I am a soloist, I will not be alone, since I will be accompanied by talented people who love and support me and one of them is my dad,” said Mía, who, although she began her acting career at the age of 10, at the play Anita La Huerfanita, her true passion is singing.

In her presentation, Mía will perform the song “Flecha” in a duet with Rivas, while her father will take a tour of her successes: “I, as a father, only hope she is happy, I see her very enthusiastic doing something she loves, a dream that she has been fulfilling since she was little, she already knew what she wanted to do. Seeing her take her first steps in this medium is very gratifying for me ”.

It has had an excellent reception

It has had an excellent reception
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“It is not because she is my daughter, but she brings music in her blood, she enjoys it, it infects people, the joy and doing what she loves,” said Erik Rubín. Mía, 16, assured that being currently known as the daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín is not an obstacle on her path to becoming a star, on the contrary, for her, carrying the surnames of her parents, far from being a pressure is an advantage and a compliment.

They indicated that, in the middle, there has been great reception from the public and colleagues, but that they have also faced hatred and rejection from some haters, however, they have managed to deal with it: “People will always doubt you, no it matters your talent or what you have prepared, they will criticize you, but I consider that it does not matter what people say but that you are happy and satisfied with the work you are doing, ”the teenager shared.

Andrea Legarreta delivers her virginity to Erik Rubín

Andrea Legarreta delivers her virginity to Erik Rubín
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Andrea Legarreta confessed that she married a virgin and the first man in her life was her current partner, Erik Rubín. The host revealed in the morning program Hoy that she does not have ex-boyfriends, because her only beau has been the singer.
This arose after they commented on a note where Juan Soler admitted that he would resume a relationship with an ex.

“Erik was my only boyfriend, the first in my life. I married a virgin. If it is true ”, indicated Legarreta. His companions, among whom were Galilea Montijo, Salvador Zerboni, Arath de la Torre and Pepillo Origel, did not believe what he was saying, so they did not believe him, even mocked him. The only one who took his word for it was Origel and before this, Legarreta managed to say “Well, it is true, eh” (With information from Agencia Reforma).

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