Andrea Legarreta’s memorable trip mishap: A laugh so hard she peed in public

How laughter, a fall, and an unexpected public spectacle intertwine in TV host Andrea Legarreta's unforgettable European family vacation.

The host, Andrea Legarreta, shocked the viewers of the show “Hoy” when she confessed that because of a fall, she ended up peeing in the middle of the street and revealed that she even left a “puddle,” this being one of the most embarrassing moments in her life.

In American Post News, we have told you that the host Andrea Legarreta, has been known for being very close to her millions of fans, so she does not hesitate to tell them several anecdotes of her personal life and the trips she takes with her family.

However, on this occasion, she generated great furor when she revealed that she suffered a painful accident on a trip to Europe, in which she ended up peeing in the middle of the street and the presence of several people.

Andrea Legarreta pees in the street, and this is how it happened

Andrea Legarreta
Andrea Legarreta pees in the street

During the recent broadcast of “Hoy,” Andrea Legarreta and guest Ariadne Díaz participated in the dynamic called “Manotazo,” in which they had to face a series of uncomfortable questions. However, the headliner of the broadcast stole the show as she confessed that her most embarrassing moment was peeing in the street.

According to Andrea Legarreta’s account, she was enjoying a trip with her two daughters and Erik Rubín in Europe, and while filming, she ended up tripping, which caused Nina and Mía to laugh. This made the hostess laugh to the point that she peed herself.

“I peed myself in the street, laughing. She admitted that thanks to the fact that she was in Europe, no one recognized her since she admits that there were people around her who did not notice the moment.

After the embarrassing episode, Andrea Legarreta admitted that she had to go to a clothing store and buy another pair of pants and then change into a coffee shop.

“I went into a cafeteria, and there in the bathroom, in the plastic bag, there I threw the other one and put on my pants, but bareback,” she said.

What happened with Erik Rubín and Andrea?

Andrea Legarreta y Erik Rubín
Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín announced their separation

After 22 years of marriage, Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin announced their separation, amid strong rumors of infidelity. Despite this, both have assured that they hope in the future they can return.

Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta have two daughters, Nina and Mía, who have already started their careers in the entertainment world.