Andrea San Martín and Deyvis Orosco: The story of when they both swore eternal love on TV

From the trunk of memories appears a video whose protagonists are Deyvis Orozco and Andrea San Martín. As it is remembered, many years ago, the green-eyed woman rose to fame when she was presented as the official girlfriend of ‘Bomboncito de la cumbia’ on a TV program.

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It is that back in 2011, Deyvis Orosco introduced Andrea San Martín as his girlfriend in the program ‘Lima Limón’ driven by Johanna San Miguel after the departure of Laura Huancayo.

In the video from over 10 years ago, Deyvis Orozco was in love with Andrea San Martín to whom he did not hesitate to say ‘I love you’ and swear eternal love.

“I have never exposed my personal life and there is nothing wrong when one truly loves (…) the projects we have for the future and the blessing of God and our two angels, your father and mine, let’s hope that we go good. I’m going to love you like nobody else ”, commented the singer.


The green-eyed woman made her debut on TV and was more than excited about ‘El bomboncito’. “I am in love with him, he is an incredible person, I am very happy since I have been with you”

Some time later the relationship ended and currently Andrea San Martín has two daughters and resumed her romance with Sebastián Lizarzaburu. For his part, Deyvis Orozco has a son with Cassandra Sánchez Lamadrid, daughter of Jessica Newton, with whom he maintains a relationship.


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