Andrea San Martín attacks his daughters’ ex-nannies and accuses them of robbery and extortion

Andrea San Martin She broke her silence and appeared tonight on the Magaly Medina program to publicly defend herself against the accusations made against her by three nannies who were in charge of the care of her daughters.

More information: Andrea San Martín denies having mistreated her daughter after audios by Juan Víctor and testimonies of nannies

The model categorically denied that she had physically and psychologically abused her youngest daughter, as pointed out by three women in the “Andrea Llosa program.

“It is totally false. I deny it at this time “said the former host of “La Banda del Chino” after reiterating that she will continue with the criminal complaint against them because they did not retract.

The influencer discredited the testimonies of the three nannies after noting that they all ended their employment in terrible conditions, even denouncing one of them for theft.

“The people who came out to speak did not leave my house because they decided to leave, because they did not agree with what was being said, supposedly living at home, these people leave my house, one because he steals from me.“Said the model after noting that she has the audios in which the woman acknowledges her crime.

“Betzabé Penachi is leaving my house stealing from me. (…) María Reyes Bordones leaves my house trying to extort money from both of us (Juan Víctor) because she was asking us for money when she contracted COVID-19 “he lunged.

What did the babysitters say?

Juana, who was in charge of taking care of the little girl since she was six months old, said that she witnessed the violent attitudes on the part of the host of “La Banda del Chino” when she forced the minor to eat.

María Reyes Bordones recounted an episode in which Andrea San Martín used profanity every time her daughter interrupted her in her office. “He threw a shoe at her, whatever she had she threw at the poor girl, and the girl came crying, as if trembling towards me”, He commented.

Similarly, Betzabé Penachi Palomino said she witnessed the moment when the influencer hit the little girl in the face inside her car. “We were in the car and she (Andrea) said a flatness. When the baby repeated it, she turned around and slapped him in the mouth“, lament.


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