Andrea San Martín cried when he confessed that he fears that Juan Víctor will take his daughter to the United States

Andrea San Martín appeared on the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” to make her discharge after being denounced by Juan Víctor Sánchez, the father of her last daughter.

According to the former presenter, she does not mistreat her daughter and denied the nannies who testified against her. “It is totally false. I deny it at this time “He maintained after reiterating that he will continue with the criminal complaint against them because they did not withdraw.

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In addition, the former host of “La banda del Chino” cried when she confessed that she fears that Juan Víctor will take her daughter to the United States.

“I have some fears as a mother and I have told the psychologist and the lawyer that they are handling the case … I have received threats that they want to take my daughter. Publicly he did it with his mother ”, he sentenced through tears.

“This has been a fairly public event … since September he continued to take the baby away until the threats began that they want to take her away”, added.

Finally, Andrea San Martín admitted that she has been wrong in the past and that she is willing to continue with the investigation process to show that she is a good mother.

“That is my concern. I have ‘cracked’ all my life for those girls. I know that I am not perfect and I have my mistakes. Let them investigate me as much as they want and I will open the doors on a daily basis of the entities that are investigating, whom I thank because they are doing a continuous investigation and adequate monitoring and others, but as a mother I am outraged because one remembers and tells myself that I they are judging by one thing and where are my 6 years, in charge of my eldest daughter, and my almost 4 years, of my youngest daughter, where I have broken my back “, He said.


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