Struggling with cirrhosis, Andres Garcia dies at 81 in Acapulco

The entertainment world is shaken after the news of the death of the first actor Andres Garcia, an icon of film and television, the quintessential heartthrob.
  1. Andrés García, a beloved Mexican nationalized actor, passed away after battling health problems for several months. He was known for his attractive personality and successful career in both film and television.
  2. García had four marriages and several children, including a previously unknown daughter named Michelle. Despite his intention to reconcile with his biological children, the meeting did not materialize due to ongoing disputes.
  3. The news of García’s death was met with grief by many in the entertainment industry, including Anahi and Karely Ruiz, who offered emotional goodbyes through social media. García’s legacy as a Mexican icon will live on through his work and the memories of those who knew and loved him.

It has been announced that the beloved Mexican nationalized actor Andres Garcia died after months of constant health problems that he shared through his social networks with his followers. After the first actor was detected with liver cirrhosis, he began to have complications that took him to the hospital; in July 2022, he had his first fall while at home. Although he stated it was nothing serious, he suffered a blow to the forehead that required several stitches.

After two months, the star of “Pedro Navaja” was hospitalized after falling again. Still, this time his wife, Margarita Portillo, spoke about her partner’s health and confessed that his condition was severe. In addition, the actor himself had already shared videos on YouTube showing his declining appearance and extreme thinness due to his illness.

The woman asked for prayers for the actor’s health a few days ago. However, this April 4, the controversial actor took his last breath at his home in Acapulco, it is known that he had asked to meet with his children, but so far, it is not known if the reconciliation meeting took place.

Mexican sex symbol

Andrés García, born on May 24, 1941, originally from the Dominican Republic, was considered one of the main icons of Mexican television, not only for his career as an actor but also for his conquering personality and great attractiveness that characterized him.

Andrés García y Karely Ruíz
Andrés García and Karely Ruíz. Photo: ig @andresgarciatvoficial

He debuted in the movie Chanoc (1966), where he showed off his physique in a bathing suit while giving life to the character of the adventurous and passionate fisherman who stole the hearts of the youth of the sixties. Due to his success, he began to make more films, such as Pedro Navaja (1984), La Venganza de María ( 1983), and Tú o Nadie ( 1985) which gave him recognition in the Cine de Ficheras in our country.

Also in television he made several appearances in soap operas such as “El privilegio de amar”, “La mujer prohibida” and “Mujeres engañadas” where he shared the cast with great actors such as Adela Noriega, Fernando Carrillo and Enrique Rocha.

The handsome man is out of the spotlight

Garcia had four marriages. Sandra Vale was the first with whom he had his children Andres Garcia Jr. and Leonel Garcia; the second was with Fernanda Ampudia, mother of the actress of “Triunfo del Amor,” Andrea Garcia, who continued on the path of show business. He continued with his marriage to Sonia Infante, with whom he only lasted five years, and his last marriage was with Margarita Portillo, who accompanied him in his last days.

Andrés García and Sonia Infante. Special Photo
Andrés García and Sonia Infante. Special Photo

He wanted to say goodbye to his children.

It is known that the actor intended to say goodbye to his biological children, Andres Jr., Leonardo, and Andrea Garcia. However, it seems that this meeting between the family did not materialize because despite being bedridden, the quarrels and bickering between parents and children continued.

Recently it was known that in addition to Andres Jr. and Leonardo, the fruit of his marriage with Sandra Vale and Andrea, the result of the love he swore with Fernanda Ampudia, the actor has a fourth daughter named Michelle, whose existence was not known.

It is worth mentioning that at least of the first three, besides sharing genes and their work in show business, they also have in common the very little and lousy relationship they had in life with their father.

Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia

They say their last goodbyes.

After confirming the news, several personalities of the media gave their last goodbye through social networks, such as Anahi, the rebel who offered an emotional message in her official accounts that moved her followers. Notably, the blonde and the Dominican were father and daughter in the telenovela “Mujeres Engañadas,” and there was great affection.

“I can’t find the words… I thank God for having given me the gift of your affection. I know you are already in a better place. I will love you and remember you all my life with all my heart, my beloved Andrés”, said the singer.

Karely Ruiz also joined the farewell since it is important to remember that the Mexican regional singer had a great career breakthrough after meeting with the veteran heartthrob, who invited her to spend time together.

“Fly high,” wrote the OnlyFans model.

Andres Garcia dies at age 81 at his home in Acapulco