Andres Rey claims he once closed a concert for Luis Miguel as a double

Andres Rey claims he impersonated Luis Miguel in Argentina; singer reportedly travels with three look-alike performers.

Since a few days ago, Luis Miguel’s concerts have been the talk of the town, and El Sol has made his return to the stage, but it has been overshadowed by rumors that he uses doubles for his performances. This has been a great stir for his fans since Luismi is just starting his tour.

As we told you in American Post News, even Luis Miguel’s statements referring to these rumors have been revived; however, many have wanted to know who is El Sol’s alleged double.

Who is Luis Miguel’s double that replaced him in a concert?

With the rumors of the supposed doubles, an interview has been revived in which Andrés Rey can be seen, who affirms that on one occasion, Luis Miguel hired him to close one of his concerts in Argentina.

And the fact is that Andres is one of the men very similar to the Puerto Rican-Mexican, so he claims that he has been given the task of studying his movements and focusing on the singer’s voice.

Because of this, it is said that he is one of the people that Luismi would have hired to fulfill his commitments in Argentina.

How many doubles does Luis Miguel have?

Luis Miguel has 3 doubles
Luis Miguel has 3 doubles.

Although Luismi has denied rumors about the alleged doubles in his concerts for years, this has not prevented the controversy from spreading.

According to the Argentinean press, the singer arrived in the country with at least three impersonators, which he would have used for his concerts.

Although their names have not been revealed, many fans believe that one of them is Andres Rey himself, although this remains a rumor.