Andrew Cuomo sues his former ally, prosecutor Letitia James: war between Democrats in New York

Cuomo shakes hands with Letitia James, watched by Mayor Bill de Blasio at Ellis Island, 2019.


Just a year after announcing his resignation amid unprosecuted sexual harassment allegations, former Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James for failing to provide him with legal representation after one of his accusers will take him to court.

Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s attorney, argues in the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court that James’ office “unfairly” denied the former governor’s request after a state police sued him after accusing him of misconductreported DailyNews.

Glavin alleges that the denial was “arbitrary, capricious, contrary to the simple text of the statute, partial, personal and politically conflicting”, as well as a negligence in the fulfillment of duty on the part of James.

Unidentified police officer alleges Cuomo repeatedly touched her inappropriately and made suggestive comments after she was designated for his protection. So he filed a civil lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against the former governor and two of his top aides in February.

In March, Cuomo asked the state of New York to represent him or pay him a private attorney. in connection with the lawsuit, according to court documents. However, James’ office determined that the state was not responsible for covering any of the legal costs related to the former governor.

Ironically, James is currently leading a high-profile investigation against former Republican president Donald Trump, Cuomo’s great political enemy.