Android and iPhone: Considerations for Applications

If you normally download apps on your iPhone and Android, finance expert Clark Howard has a simple caveat to protect your wallet.

He says that both Google and Apple have made a habit of charging users who pay to download applications as well as those who make purchases within the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. “Be aware that with the applications you use, you are paying a lot more than you have to,” says Clark.

Are you paying more for purchases within the Apple and Android applications?

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In-app purchases and the revenue they generate have become controversial topics for the two tech giants. To understand why, we have to do a review of the payment structure that Apple and Google have made application developers comply with. Apple’s rules say that developers have to pay a payment commission between 15% and 30% to have their applications on the App Store. Google has a similar policy for locating on Google Play. Compromised by these high fees, application developers sometimes pass these charges on to consumers. Clark says Apple and Google are restricting consumer choice and hurting the app market. “What these two have been doing is they are using their shared monopoly control over an ecosystem of phones to put up ‘financial barriers’ to rip you off,” says Clark. “In many cases, you are not even realizing how much they are taking from you.”

You may be wondering how the two app store owners could be ripping you off when you use their platforms on your mobile device or tablet. Here’s an example: When you download a game or service that includes a subscription or in-app purchases, it’s common for the market price to be increased by at least 30% in the App Store or Google Play, he says Clark. For example, the premium service for the Pandora app costs $ 12.99 per month on iOS. It costs $ 9.99 a month via Google Play, the same as it costs on the Pandora website. In other cases, you might find apps that are less expensive at Apple than Google or cheaper at a completely different app store.

How it affects the legal complicates facing Apple and Google Play

The conflict is part of an anti-trust lawsuit by Epic Games, the developer of the popular app. Fortine, against Apple as well as a complaint that Epic has made against Google. One of the problems in check is Apple’s so-called anti-guidance policy, which prohibits developers from “guiding” users to application platforms where their products could be cheaper.

On the other hand, Google is already facing a complaint from the US Justice Department related to monopolistic practices and has been sued by 36 states and Washington, DC, in a case where it faces the commission charges that the company imposes on the developers of applications that sell through the Google Play Store. “This is a big thing for Apple,” says Clark, “… and Google is also guilty in this area.”

How to avoid paying a lot for Apple and Google apps

Google Play Store on Android smartphone

“One thing Google and Apple don’t want you to know is that you can download an app on your iPhone or Android and then go to the manufacturer’s website and sign up for the service and avoid the added 30% scam,” Clark says.

Although Apple has not publicly spoken about whether it intends to voluntarily relax its anti-guidance policies, Google acknowledges in a blog post that, “If you cannot find the application you are looking for on Google Play, you can download the application from the application store dele rival or directly on the developer’s website. We don’t want to impose the same restrictions as other mobile system operators do ”.

Clark’s point of view

Apple store application icon on Apple iPhone X

Clark wants to make sure that consumers are aware of the decisions they make when it comes to paying for app content and services. “I want you to be aware so that you stop buying things within Apple or Google devices (the Android or iPhone) and pay for the services that you are doing on the website. Remember, that’s the difference, ”he says.

Let’s say you have a Pandora account and you want to add the Plus or Premium version.

  • Go to Safari, Chrome, or the web browser of your choice.
  • Visit and log in.
  • Add the appropriate features at

Clark says that if you follow these steps, “Apple and Google won’t get all that extra money. Because it is your money that they do not take ”.

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