Anel Noreña confirms that she had an affair with Andrés García before marrying José José

Anel Noreña and Andrés García.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

After Andrés García confessed that during his youth he had an affair with Anel Noreña, the ex-wife of Jose jose He confirmed this version, assuring that it was one of the best times of his life.

In an interview with the Imagen Televisión program ‘De Primera Mano’, the universal heir to the “Prince of Song” recalled the courtship she had with Andres Garcia, who during his youth was characterized as one of the most handsome and attractive men of the time, charms that Anel could not resist and ended up dating him, although he was aware that it was a fleeting relationship that could not last long time.

We had a nice relationship the truth. It wasn’t a permanent thing It was a breeze of youth where the only thing that is at stake is the wishes because there is no love at that time I do not think there is love. I think it was that more than anything (a relationship of friends with rights), because we were young ”, he shared by phone during the show program.

Anel Noreña He also recalled that Andrés García always behaved like a true gentleman, because during the relationship that lasted a few months, he treated her very well and there was always mutual respect, since both had a successful career not only thanks to their talent, but they also came to stand out for the physical beauty they possessed.

It was a very important time both in his life and in mine. because you are in full youth. He was a gentleman in many ways, handsome to rage and we were in our moment. We got on very well, he was very nice, but then José arrived and we must have left for a year or maybe six months ”, he added.

He also joked that at that time they were the “cakes of the environment” and admired him a lot because they worked together: “It was a very cool moment where he was the adventurer, We made several fotonovelas that he produced called ‘The Adventurer’. All the women were after him and I said: ‘Well, let’s see why’ and it made me very curious and I discovered”he commented.

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