Anel Noreña told how José José celebrated his birthday: “He put on a vest and took out all his cameras”

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February 17 is very special for the national entertainment medium, because on a day like today, but in different years, three important figures were born who conquered the Mexican public from their trenches. Is about Vicente Fernandez, Jose jose Y Xavier Lopez chabelo. In the framework of the birthday of prince of song, Anel Norena told how they used to celebrate their birthdays when they were married.

In an interview for Todaythe vedette recalled that the interpreter of The sad, Pillow Y If you leave me now he liked to celebrate his birthday with a big party among friends that took place in the garden of his house. To do this, they distributed tables throughout the place and cuts of meat could not be missing from the menu.

“Today, several years ago, we had the whole garden set up, with great guests, the pachangón was like that. What José liked the most was meat. […] the tables were set in the garden because he always liked to celebrate his birthday at home. We used to have a kermes for the children, but he was at home”, she said.

José José with Anel formed a family with José Joel and Marysol (Photo: Ventaneando)
José José and Anel formed a family with their two children: José Joel and Marysol (Photo: Ventaneando)

The 77-year-old star mentioned that Jose Romulo Sosa, the singer’s real name, used to wear a special vest back in the day. He also explained that his ex-partner was a fan of photography who enjoyed capturing the best moments of her party, he even had a wide collection of cameras among her things.

He would put on a vest and take out all his cameras, he had a wonderful collection of camerasbecause he wanted to take pictures but could never take the pictures […] he was going to celebrate his birthday without a bow tie, without a spectacular tuxedo.

Finally, Anel Noreña expressed a heartfelt message for whoever was her husband for around 15 years. From her religious beliefs, the vedette commented that the singer is surely calm, resting in peace and enjoying.

The singer José Rómulo Sosa, better known as
The singer José Rómulo Sosa, better known as “José José”, died at the age of 71 in Miami Florida (Photo: Diego Simón/Cuartoscuro) (DIEGO SIMON SANCHEZ/)

“I envy where you are, my love. Because right now we are talking about you, very cool and everything, but where you are there is the truth of life, you know what it was all about to have been in this rogue world […] I imagine, I am dying of joy to know it in peace, happy, healthy, singing, there in heaven”, he added.

José José was born on February 17, 1948 in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City. Since he became a ballad icon he has been honored in the colony Clavería, where a special event will be held in his memory next Saturday, February 19as shared by Anel during the morning of Televisa. José Joel also spoke about it in an interview for come the joy.

“Your celebration there in the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office next weekend. I do not know if I can be there because I tell you that I have a job, but if my mother or Marysol will not go on behalf of the family, “she commented.

Before Anel, José José had a relationship with Natalia Herrera Calles (IG: anel_norenamx)
Before Anel, José José had a relationship with Natalia Herrera Calles (IG: anel_norenamx)

Anel and José José were married in 1976. During their marriage they had two children: Joseph Joel Y Sea and sunwho have shown unconditional support for their mother at all times, especially after the problems that broke out between them and their half-sister, Sarah Sosaas a result of the obstacles that existed to communicate when the famous interpreter lost his life in September 2019.

The relationship was quite mediatic because the singer had already managed to establish himself as the prince of song for his incredible performances in his ballads. The marriage went through ups and downs until in 1991 they decided to separate. Despite the distance, José José continued to live with the children they had together.


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