Anel Noreña wants to be buried next to José José

According to what he said Malicha Ortiz, José José’s cousin, during an interview with the program ‘Ventaneando’, Anel Noreña, first wife of the beloved Mexican singer, wants to be buried next to himHe, whom she considered the love of her life.

Let us remember that the cousin of the beloved interpreter, owns the lot where half of his ashes were buried, exactly in the French Pantheon, and she said that she has nothing that prevents her from fulfilling this wish to her former political cousin.

In AmericanPost.News We announced that the closeness of the ex-wife with the singer’s family remains very close regardless of the fact that Anel is the singer’s heir will, a situation that has not been to the liking of Sarita Sosa, youngest daughter of the Prince of Song.

Anel Noreña remembers José José with love

The couple had two children, José Joel and Marysol José José’s life was marked by vices

Malicha Ortiz declared that the only woman she considers her cousin’s wife is precisely her, the mother of José Joel and Marysol, and therefore she has no problem in fulfilling her wishes.

“I don’t recognize another cousin other than Anel, if she wants to stay there, she stays there. We are just fixing the papers ”.

He also said that after Anel is the universal heir to José José, he said he was very happy, since he affirmed it was fair and said that what was between the former couple was very strong, and for her it is the most correct.

He also said that Sarita Sosa made a big mistake by not delivering the complete ashes of the beloved singer and said that it is an action that will pay much more.

Why did José José de Anel separate?

José José’s life was marked by vices

It is said that the reasons for the divorce were mainly due to the monotony of the relationship since she could not bear the lifestyle of the interpreter due to her alcoholism problems and made the decision to leave him.

Because she is his first and legitimate wife, Anel Noreña receives the royalties generated by José José’s songs, news that the family is satisfied with due to the love relationship that occurred in the marriage.

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