Anel Noreña will make a bioseries to tell details of her marriage with José José

Anel Noreña, with whom Jose jose was married, announced that he will already prepare a bioseries to tell the details of your marriage with the singer, as he affirms that the public deserves to know how beautiful their relationship is.

José José’s widow confirmed that by 2022 she will have her own bioseries, which would talk about “the serenades” that the singer dedicated to her during their romance.

In the same way, he denied that he had ever left José José out of the house, since he affirms that although he was drunk he always had the doors open at his house.

Let us remember that in 2021, in AmericanPost.News, we let you know that Anel Noreña will receive the royalties generated by José José’s songs, after a will will be found in Mexico, where she was the heir.

Anel Noreña will tell his story

José José’s ex-wife will tell her own story Anel Noreña affirmed that she will tell the true story of her marriage to José José

The controversial former model Anel Noreña, will have her own bioseries, to tell her version of the romance she had with the singer José Jose, as confirmed in a show program.

He revealed that in the José José bioseries, the whole truth was not told and everything was not shown how beautiful they lived as a couple.

For what he confirmed that in his bioseries, he will tell the whole truth of his marriage, and the countless occasions in which the singer dedicated serenades to him.

Anel Noreña pointed out that his bioseries will have thirteen episodes, which will have “a very nice message.”

Why did José José leave Anel?

Anel Noreña affirmed that he will tell the true story of his marriage with José José

Anel Noreña, was José José’s wife, from 1976 to 1991, the couple had two children, the singers José Joel and Marysol, and they separated due to the addiction problems suffered by the singer.

In the same way, the former model spoke of the rumors that affirm that she left José José out of the house when he arrived drunk.

He affirmed that although the singer used to come home drunk, he never stayed out of his home, “never, he was the king there.”

She also said that she was discovering over time the singer’s intimacies, “that I did not know, but in the reconciliations she shared them with me.”

Anel Noreña, revealed that he seeks to tell his own story in the life of Jose jose, because in the first bioseries dedicated to the singer everything was between drunkenness and they did not do justice to their romance.

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