Aneliz Aguilar poses in a Parisian park wearing a black sweater with a wide neckline

Anneliz Aguilar.

Photo: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

For Aneliz Aguilarthe trip he has made with his family to Paris has given him the opportunity to share in his account Instagram multiple photos in which he poses in various tourist sites. And since she is a big fan of fashion, she has pleased her fans by modeling the most varied outfitslike a thin black sweater joined in the center only by a metallic strip, which allowed to see that he was not wearing underwear.

The singer’s sister Angela Aguilar She posed very elegantly next to the balcony wearing a shiny top, and she could not miss a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background, which she complemented with the message “Being my best tourist self”.

From the first images he posted on his account Instagram Aneliz revealed that coffee is one of her weaknesses, and every morning she cannot start her activities if she has not had a cup of that drink. Of course, the iced coffee is the best complement when going out, something that has already become a hallmark of its posts.

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