Anette Cuburu says goodbye to “Al extremo” in tears

After having belonged to the program “Al extremo” (“To the extreme”), Anette Cuburu said goodbye to the program this Friday, January 21, in tears. The host thanked the support of the public and the production.

Recall that Anette entered as part of the cast of the program “Al extremo”, in the midst of outbreaks of contagion by Covid-19 that appeared on Tv Azteca and led many hosts of various programs to make changes.

However, Anette Curubu adapted perfectly to the program, and stayed permanently with Carmen Muñoz and Uriel Estrada, at the same time that in the mornings she worked on the morning show ‘Venga la Alegría’.

“Al Extremo” on TV Azteca

Anette Cuburu Says Goodbye to “Al Extremo” in the midst of tears

The program “Al extremo” said goodbye to one of the most beloved hosts of Tv Azteca, Anette Cuburu, who had an emotional goodbye, since the program will enter a new stage, after the departure of Carmen Muñoz.

With an emotional video and their best moments during their participation in “Al extremo”, they brought Uriel Estrada and host Anette Cuburu to the brink of tears.

At the end, his partner Uriel Estrada dedicated some emotional words to him, affirming his admiration and gratitude.

“We stay with that beautiful smile, but also with the example. You really are a woman who fights every day, she is a great example, because she is a mother of a family”.

“Truly, Anette Cuburu breaks her heart and soul, not only for this job but for her children, for her family who are her main driving force, she wakes up very early, takes care of her children, attends Venga la Alegría, goes and comes to his house, he is a great example”.

Anette Cuburu breaks down in tears

In the middle of a nostalgic farewell, Anette Cuburu gave her last program in “Al extremo”

For her part, Anette thanked her partner and commented on how grateful she feels with the production of the program:

“We agree not to cry, but it is difficult because they are friends, they are affection, people who believe in you”,

“In this race you have the preparation, you have the dreams, but if someone does not give you the opportunity, nothing happens then, thank you, really, first of all to the public”.

Some time later, the new driver appeared, who is Vanessa Claudio, who returns to Tv Azteca and joins “Al extremo”.

Vanessa Claudio and gave some flowers to Anette Cuburu, in the middle of a strong hug and promised to “continue with her legacy” to offer the best entertainment and keep the program as one of the favorites of the afternoons.

For her part, Anette Cuburu, will continue on Venga La Alegría, the host has managed to establish herself as one of the main hosts of Tv Azteca and has earned the affection of the television station’s public.