Ángela Aguilar and Alejandra Espinoza gear up to host the 20th Premios Juventud in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Teen sensation Ángela Aguilar steps up as Premios Juventud 2023 host, setting the stage for a Latin pop culture extravaganza.

In an invigorating fusion of youth and Latin American pop culture, nineteen-year-old Ángela Aguilar is set to step into the spotlight as the host of the celebrated Premios Juventud 2023. Already buzzing with anticipation, Aguilar has taken to her official Instagram account to express her excitement about the upcoming event.

As the echoes of Premios Juventud 2022 still resonate, Aguilar’s enthusiasm has amplified the air of anticipation surrounding this year’s edition, held at the renowned José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A Spectacular Array of Talent

A cherished platform celebrating the best of Hispanic youth culture, Premios Juventud is on the cusp of its 20th edition. This year, the event returns to Puerto Rico with a repertoire of 44 nomination categories. The stage is set for the grand fiesta on July 20, creating a mosaic of talent from all corners of Latin American pop culture. Besides Aguilar, a host of other artists, including Borja Voces, Migbelis Castellanos, Roberto Hernández, Danilo Carrera, and Ela Velden, will share the stage with the addition of fashion experts Yayis and José Figueroa.

Angela Aguilar smiling
Ángela Aguilar (Especial / Instagram @angela_aguilar_)

Riding on the wave of anticipation, the nominees for Premios Juventud 2023 have been revealed. A spectrum of talent that includes Shakira, Bad Bunny, Becky G, Grupo Frontera, Maluma, Peso Pluma, Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía, and TINI top the list, each being candidates in nine categories. Fans can express their support and vote for their favorite artist until June 26th on the event’s official website.

Nostalgia and Anticipation: Ángela Aguilar’s Journey

Amidst the excitement, the versatile Aguilar can’t help but relive memories of the previous year’s event, sharing a series of photos and stirring nostalgic sentiments. From the outfit she donned at Premios Juventud 2022 to her aspirations for this year’s ceremony, the young starlet has been engaging her followers in this thrilling journey, even encouraging their input on what dress she should wear for this year’s extravaganza.

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Joining her in this exhilarating venture is the acclaimed actress Alejandra Espinoza, 36, who will co-host Premios Juventud 2023, adding to the star-studded lineup. Together, Aguilar and Espinoza promise to create an unforgettable evening under the banner “Exprésate a tu manera” (Express yourself in your way).

As the clock ticks down to the event, the question buzzing in everyone’s mind is: When and where can we catch the Premios Juventud 2023? Rest assured, the live broadcast will be available on Univision’s channel and Canal 5 at 7:00 pm and on Televicentro.com from 5 pm.

Angela Aguilar younger
Ángela Aguilar (Agencia México / Agencia México)

As we draw closer to the grand night of Premios Juventud 2023, the fervor is palpable. With Ángela Aguilar at the helm and a spectacular array of talent waiting to be celebrated, the stage is set for a night to remember. So mark your calendars for the celebration of Hispanic and Latin American pop culture at its finest.