Angela Aguilar and Kunno Get Stuck in Elevator Before Latin Grammys

The 2023 Latin Grammy Awards in Seville feature Ángela Aguilar's elevator mishap with influencer Kunno, drawing global attention to the event.

The 2023 Latin Grammy Awards were held on Thursday in Seville, Spain, marking the first time the prestigious music awards took place outside of the United States. The event drew top Latin music stars from around the world, including Ángela Aguilar, the 19-year-old Mexican singer and Latin Grammy nominee.

Just hours before she was set to perform with her father, Pepe Aguilar, Angela got stuck in an elevator along with social media influencer Kunno and three other people. The incident was captured on video and quickly went viral, much to the amusement of fans online.

The Elevator Incident

Kunno shared a TikTok video that shows the troubling moment inside the stuck elevator. “We just got trapped in an elevator. It won’t open,” he says at the start as Angela makes a surprised facial expression. They press the emergency button, which sets off an alarm, but the elevator starts descending on its own.

“They just told us help is 20 minutes away, and the elevator is going down…Oh, it’s opening now,” Kunno narrates in the clip. Outside the elevator, singer Adriel Favela also recorded the scene, joking, “Here reporting from Seville, they are stuck.”

Apparently, the maximum capacity was four people, but there were five jammed inside, leading Angela to quip, “Fine us, but get us out!” Luckily, the elevator opened after a few tense minutes, and all were freed. The video promptly went viral online.

Reactions from Fans

Fans reacted with a mix of concern and amusement to the unexpected predicament faced by the young Latin pop star. “My worst fear is getting stuck in an elevator,” one anxious fan wrote.

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Others poked fun at Kunno, staying calm and continuing to film. “Kunno, the friend who, even in the most turbulent moments, keeps recording,” one fan joked. Some worried Angela was just laughing to keep from crying.

The reactions show how quickly an unforeseen event involving a celebrity can spread online. Despite the scare, Angela was able to perform as scheduled with her father later that night.

What’s Next

While being trapped was surely uncomfortable, the incident provided some accidental publicity. Angela Aguilar remains one of the brightest rising talents in Latin music today.

She is nominated for Best New Artist at the 2023 Grammys, showing her cross-over appeal. She will likely continue releasing popular regional Mexican songs and ballads. Kunno also capitalized on the viral moment to gain more followers.

The elevator mishap will go down as just one more surreal story surrounding a star-studded awards show. With no injuries or lasting harm done, both Angela and Kunno can laugh about their brief scare inside the stalled elevator in Seville.