Ángela Aguilar boasts a mysterious bouquet of roses in nets, will they be from Gussy Lau?

The so-called “Princess of the Mexican Regional”, Angela Aguilardoes not stop adding successes at her young age, as she is part of the new wave of Mexican regional singers, she has an impressive voice and an enviable beauty, for this reason she has managed to gather a large number of people who are always on the lookout of any step you take or any new movement in your private life.

Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter is very reserved when it comes to her relationshipsrecently declared that he wants his image to be recognized for all the work he has done since he was four years old, until now that he is of legal age and not for what he can do or for his personal decisions.

After the controversy caused by the alleged relationship he had with Gussy Lau, People who are aware of the singer are still waiting for Angela to share if she is with someone or is single at the moment.

Through her social networks, the interpreter published that a photograph that she uploaded on her official Instagram account, it was brought from the image of a beautiful bouquet of red roses, it is all that he added to the platform and the origin of such a beautiful present is unknown.

The interpreter in early May positioned herself as the first woman to reach place one of the Billboardafter 16 years that no artist of the female gender occupied this place.

This nomination was acquired thanks to the song “There where I am seen”, which emerges from his recent material “Mexicana Enamorada”, and that it is a composition of her and Gussy Lau, the young man from Sinaloa with whom it was said that she had a relationship.

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter is also part of the series of concerts offered by her family in various countries, “Jaripeo without borders” has become one of the shows that highlights the culture of Mexico, according to comments from people who live in the United States and who attend to remember their roots.

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