Ángela Aguilar challenges Yalitza Aparicio by wearing the same garment in a magazine

Ángela Aguilar is a beautiful Mexican singer who recently He drove his fans crazy for his time at the Premios Juventud and now he is once again giving something to talk about with the recent photos that were taken of him for Noir magazine.

It turns out that the talented Ángela Aguilar looks divine in each of the photos that they advertise for the famous magazine and it is confirmed that whatever she wears is perfect for her, because her natural beauty and charisma always make her shine.

There is no doubt that the images of the beautiful Ángela Aguilar are excellent, they were in charge of the photographer Sergio Valenzuela and they reflect the little-known side of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter with haute couture looks, where sequins and transparencies stand out.

Angela Aguilar in Noir magazine

Ángela Aguilar in Noir magazine Yalitza Aparicio in Percha magazine

In the magazine, the exquisite singer Ángela Aguilar expressed for the magazine: “For me, wearing a typical or Mexican dress is like putting on Superman’s cape, I feel shielded by my traditions, by the love I have for Mexico.”

From what can be seen, the cover is a game of contrasts between black and green, which we really liked because of the versatility and touch of color that green provides in the accessories.

She wears an oversize blazer, accompanied by lemon green tights, a handbag in another shade of green and the protagonist is the maxi hat. He wears natural makeup with an accent on the look.

As if that were not enough, another favorite look was the sequin jumpsuit, this piece gives us some Selena vibes and we cannot deny it. The young woman has always said how much she admires this singer and, if you pay attention to her casual outfits, she is often inspired by the queen of Tex-Mex when it comes to dressing.

The jumpsuit lets us see some discreet blue reflections and perfectly fits Angela’s figure. In another photo, she shows off the contrast of textures between black sequined pants that lengthen her legs and a top with transparencies in black, the touch of color is provided by a yellow jacket.

They also stand out are the peach tones that they used in their makeup, in the shadows and on the lips. With her looks, Ángela motivates us to continue using a lot of brightness and vibrant color contrasts with black garments, this season and the next, without a doubt. .

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What press did Ángela Aguilar copy from Yalitza Aparicio?

Yalitza Aparicio in Percha magazine

It turns out that in one of the images in which Angela Aguilar poses, you can see a green maxi hat, which many realized is the same garment that the talented Oaxacan actress Yalitza Aparicio brought out.

It should be noted that Yalitza Aparicio made that same Mexican design hat fashionable in one of the Percha magazine publications, where I also talk about how proud she feels to be Mexican and her origins, like the singer Ángela Aguilar.

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