Ángela Aguilar cousin Majo Aguilar starts talking about the rivalry

  • Majo Aguilar is gaining strength in music and is the cousin of Ángela Aguilar
  • Angela Aguilar’s cousin is 27 years old and very pretty
  • Is there a rivalry between the two? Irany is no longer the only ‘competition’ of the young daughter of Pepe Aguilar

A few months ago, Pepe Aguilar introduced a young girl named Irany, who would compete with her own daughter in music, but now, another name has been ringing lately and it is about Majo Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar’s cousin, who with 27 years tries to conquer the public.

Now, the young woman who is relatively ‘new’ gave an interview to the Mexican journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda for her YouTube channel and in one part of the conversation the name of her cousin Angela Aguilar came up and answered ‘no hairs on the tongue ‘what you think about being compared.

Majo Aguilar is Ángela Aguilar’s cousin

Instagram: Univision Famosos

Majo Aguilar is the daughter of Antonio Aguilar Jr., brother of Pepe Aguilar, so she is close and lives directly with her cousin Angela who is undoubtedly the ‘new star’ of the dynasty in what Leonardo, Irony and now María José achieve ‘hit the nail on the head’ to stand out and gain more fame.

To express question about what he thinks of the comparisons that can be made with his cousin Ángela Aguilar for dedicating herself to singing and giving space to regional Mexican music, an apparently ‘forgotten’ genre and more in these times when young people focus on the urban and reggaeton, Majo Aguilar was very clear in his opinion.

Will it take public from Ángela Aguilar? Majo Aguilar is very pretty

Cousin Ángela Aguilar talks about rivalry with Pepe's daughter

“There are many people who are limited, I do not want to sound bad but who believe that you can only go one way in one way, I mean that there may be rivalries”, Majo Aguilar began by saying before the inevitable comparisons with his cousin Angela Aguilar.

Although the age difference is almost a decade, the fact that Majo Aguilar is trying to excel in the field of regional Mexican music, confronts her directly with the most current and successful exponent, her cousin Angela, so she remained prepared to be ‘competition’ in the same family.

The shocking words of Majo Aguilar about his cousin Angela

Majo Aguilar with Ángela, his cousin

“Look, I tell you the truth and I admire her, she is someone who has almost or 10 years of experience, I saw her since I was little because she is my little cousin and to see her right now and with everything she is doing, because it gives me a lot of tenderness in a very special sense ”, confesses Angela Aguilar’s cousin.

Dressed in a black dress open at the sides, styling her slim and elegant silhouette, the 27-year-old Majo Aguilar looks more physically like Angela’s older sister, Aneliz Aguilar, however she has all the bearing and Mexican roots that characterize the beautiful daughter of Pepe Aguilar.

Are you envious of your cousin Angela? Majo Aguilar answers

Angela Aguilar, Majo Aguilar cousin

Majo Aguilar did not remain silent and without hesitation sent a message to those who try to put her ‘against’ her cousin Angela: “I love my family deeply, all its members and their victories and artistic triumphs are mine because if they They are happy, I am also happy… ”, the young woman began by saying.

And specifically regarding his cousin he was blunt in expressing that they are different even though they share the same genre: “Everyone makes their art, everyone makes their music and I suddenly say ‘ps it’s not the Olympics’, we are making music, there is no to see who wins the medal… ”, he concluded. HERE YOU CAN SEE MAJO AGUILAR’S VIDEO REGARDING ÁNGELA

In the words of Majo Aguilar, are there disagreements in the dynasty?

Cousins ​​Angela and Majo Aguilar

“There is no budget.” Singer Leonardo Aguilar, Angela Aguilar’s brother and Pepe Aguilar’s son, surprises on social networks by publishing a video in which he confessed that “he was bankrupt” and that he no longer had money to buy more things, causing endless reactions in social networks, where followers came to wonder if his family really supported him monetarily.

Leonardo Aguilar, one of the younger brothers of the Aguilar family, in the company of his sister Ángela, is already forging one of the most successful careers in mariachi music, and this family has always maintained a very straight and neat attitude, staying away from all kinds of misinterpretations and problems.

Angela Aguilar’s brother ‘on the verge of bankruptcy’

Angela Aguilar's brother 'on the verge of bankruptcy'
VIDEO: Twitter

However, in a recent publication, the Mexican singer, son of Pepe Aguilar, surprised on social networks by publishing that he was without a monetary budget, causing an endless number of Internet users to begin to speculate if the 22-year-old was receiving support from his family.

And it all started after the Mexican appeared on his Instagram stories commenting that “he had no budget” to buy a new Texan, something that certainly did not go unnoticed by his millions of followers on this same social network, causing the singer subsequently removed the material.

“We don’t have a budget”; Leonardo Aguilar out of money?

VIDEO: Twitter

In the short video, which was rescued by several fans of the singer and different portals, including People in Spanish, it is seen how Leonardo Aguilar appeared in a hat store in San Antonio, Texas, while he narrated that he had been ordered to be fixed a Texan because he no longer had the budget to buy a new one.

“We walk in El Paso, Texas. And we come, not to buy a new Texan, because there is no budget right now to buy a Texan, but to fix the one I have. toquilla, a fabric that is placed around the hat.

You deleted the video, were you afraid of exposing the Aguilar?

Deleted video: Brother 'on the brink of bankruptcy'
VIDEO: Twitter

After this, Leonardo Aguilar, brother of the singer Ángela Aguilar, left the establishment and also said that his mother had given him a new brown vest, reporting that these purchases “made him look very good.”

After publishing this video, where Pepe Aguilar’s son joked that “he no longer had a budget,” the 22-year-old singer surprisingly removed the material, leaving a video in his Instagram stories where he is seen riding a horse during his presentation Jaripeo Sin Fronteras, in which he shares the stage with his father Pepe Aguilar and sister Ángela. VIDEO HERE

Are you imposing too much on you? Ángela Aguilar intimidates her brother Leonardo Aguilar

PHOTO: Mezcalent

“You look like an empress.” The Mexican singer, Angela Aguilar intimidates her brother Leonardo Aguilar when he came riding to where he was, commenting that his little sister looked like “an empress arriving after a long fight in the war”, and followers confirm these words. Filed Under: Angela Aguilar’s brother ‘on the brink of bankruptcy’

Currently Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar are one of the great promises of regional Mexican music, and it is no wonder, since these talented artists come from great musicians, a clear example is their father, Pepe Aguilar and their grandparents , Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar, great exponents of this genre.

The young girl appears riding

VIDEO: Instagram

It was this August 21 when the famous Univisón account published a video in which Leonardo Aguilar, one of the greatest of Pepe Aguilar’s sons, appeared riding a horse, while showing his loyal followers where he was going to build. his own home, something that undoubtedly excited him greatly.

In the short clip lasting one minute, you could see the singer riding his horse named “Gallito”, while riding through a field full of crops in the city of Zacatecas, Mexico, in it, Leonardo showed the terrain in where you will build your next home. Filed Under: Angela Aguilar’s brother on the brink of bankruptcy. Some images of this note come from the following video.