Ángela Aguilar crashes her Tesla and is rescued by her brother

Ángela Aguilar is a beautiful singer, considered one of the best-known representatives of regional Mexican music. Still, she is not saved from accidents, and proof of that is her recent crash when she stuck her Tesla.

It should be noted that the 18-year-old singer shares various aspects of her daily life on social networks, including uncomfortable situations, such as the one that happened to her with her car since a video recently circulated on social networks where Angela Aguilar’s Tesla is seen stuck in the ground.

“I got stuck here, and Leonardo is helping me” is what singer Ángela Aguilar is heard saying as her handsome brother Leonardo Aguilar, 23, tries to get the car out of the grassy area.

Angela Aguilar crashes her Tesla

Angela Aguilar crashes her Tesla

It turns out that the beautiful Ángela Aguilar got stuck, so to get the car out, they had to use a truck to pull her, and in the end, they succeeded: “Bravo! Ten out of ten, very good, congratulations ”says Ángela Aguilar while her brother is serious.

Users of social networks reacted to the funny moment, but what caught their attention the most was Ángela Aguilar’s luxurious car because this is a Tesla Model 3, which is entirely electric and costs more than $50,000 pesos.

Angela Aguilar crashes her Tesla

While the truck that helped take out Ángela Aguilar’s car is a Jeep, and it cost almost $100,000, which proves that the Aguilar family only travels in the best, but that is not surprising. Well, Ángela Aguilar is characterized by using only the best brands.

Angela Aguilar’s wardrobe

The pretty singer has clothes from renowned designers such as Versace, Prada, and Gucci. In addition, each of the dresses she wears in her presentations would cost around $3,300, according to information from the dressmaker who makes Ángela Aguilar’s wardrobe.

The singer revealed that she has two designers from Los Angeles who are in charge of making her costumes for her presentations. She and her mother usually design some of her dresses, and that one of her nannies is the one who paints some of her clothes by hand.

It should be noted that the beautiful Ángela Aguilar does not wear her dresses more than twice. Some she keeps or donates to her fans so that her quinceañeras wear them at their parties.