Did Ángela Aguilar remove two ribs as Thalía did?

Jomari Goyso is a famous influencer who recently went backstage to mingle with celebrities and did not remain silent before the figure of Angela Aguilar as a special guest at the “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” (Jaripeo Without Borders).

It turns out that Pepe, Leonardo, and Angela Aguilar’s show “Jaripeo sin Fronteras” has resumed its dates in the United States. The artists appear on a stage mounted on her horse and sing the best of her musical repertoire, which ranges from original songs to covers of popular ranchera pieces.

That is why the fashion and beauty expert Jomari Goyso was one of the special guests at one of the events. The influencer entered the dressing rooms to mingle with the celebrities and was not silent before the figure of the “princess of regional Mexican.”

Has Angela Aguilar removed two ribs?

On this occasion, the Spaniard shared on his social networks several moments before the event. In a video, you can see how she mentions that he is amazed by the tiny waist of the singer of “En Realidad,” and also does not hesitate to external what she thinks without imagining what would be the response of the singer, “I’m scared of that waist.”

“I took my ribs off.”

This was what Ángela mentioned when questioned by the expert, but she quickly noted that it was a joke and that because she was lying, they would later say that this was her secret and that she had surgery.

It should be noted that the 18-year-old singer has become one of the stars of the new generation of regional music with more fans. Her songs are chanted by thousands of people who attend to see her live or reproduce her projects on any platform.

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The secrets of the figure of Ángela Aguilar

Among other details, Ángela has also been prey to questions about her personal life, her beauty secrets to always look radiant, or the sentimental partners with whom she is linked.

Recently, Ángela Aguilar announced that one of the things she eats to keep her body in shape is something that only a handful thought about, and confessed that she does not limit herself to trying some food. One of her favorites is instant soup.