Famous hair insurance: How Ángela Aguilar protects her locks for over $8 million

Ángela Aguilar insures her hair for an incredible sum of pesos, as she confesses that it is her favorite part of her body

It is clear to everyone that Ángela Aguilar is a little diva in the music industry because, in addition to being seen with expensive outfits and the most coveted jewelry, the singer has allocated millions of pesos to ensure nothing less than her hair.

And to achieve this, Aguilar had to submit to several rules to meet all the requirements and thus be able to insure her hair, as other artists and athletes have done with other parts of the body, such as Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Tom, Iker Casillas, and David Beckham, to name a few.

No doubt being famous has its sacrifices. One of them is to take care of elemental parts of the body because, at least in the case of Ángela, she confessed that being a very precious part for her. She did not hesitate for a second and decided to invest in her hair because it stood out the most about her person.

Ángela secures her hair.

Ángela insures her hair for a million-dollar amount
Ángela insures her hair for a million-dollar amount

Part of the clauses for the celebrity to ensure her hair indicates that she must use products specifically recommended for her type of scalp. Also, not just anyone can comb, touch or cut her hair because, for this, she has a team of experts dedicated to this task a little unusual.

How much did Ángela pay for her hair?

Between 40 million and 150 it costs to insure a part of the body
Millions to insure a part of her body

According to her own testimony, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property is the authority in charge of analyzing and taking care of the Mexican singer’s hair. In that sense, some sources have leaked that the amount to be paid for a procedure like this has a value close to 40 million pesos (over $2 million) or, in her case, can reach 150 million (over $8 million), reported American Post News.