Ángela Aguilar impersonator stuns the jury on Caracol Televisión’s Yo me llamo”

Yo me llamo contestant delivers stirring performance as Ángela Aguilar, earns praise from teary-eyed judge Amparo Grisales.

The cherished musical impersonation competition, ‘Yo me Llamo,’ once again graced the screens of Caracol Televisión, infusing the evenings of Colombians with joy and amusement. The show’s eighth season kicked off with an exhilarating second episode, packed with stunning auditions that kept viewers riveted throughout the night.

In this exciting quest for the ‘best artist impersonator in Colombia in 2023’, a select panel of judges comprised of the ‘diva of Colombian television,’ Amparo Grisales, musical director César Escola, and popular music singer Pipe Bueno, will assess 280 contestants vying for their approval. However, only the top 36 contestants will advance to the competition’s second round.

In the elegant theater nestled in Bogotá, the judges scrutinize and evaluate the contenders to determine who will claim the prestigious title and the grand prize of 500 million Colombian pesos. With this responsibility, the judges aim to discover the most convincing doppelgängers of music industry giants.

However, the stunning performance by the impersonator of the sensational Ángela Aguilar left the discerning ‘Yo me Llamo’ jury in disbelief. The Colombian ‘diva,’ Amparo Grisales, was visibly moved, even breaking into tears, which she assured was a favorable sign for the competitors.


Audiciones 2023 #yomellamocolombia Angela Aguilar – Llorona

♬ sonido original – cmedi17 – cmedi17

The contestant’s stirring rendition of ‘Llorona’ deeply moved the Colombian actress, who could not hide her tears. The impersonator’s remarkable talent lived up to the challenging expectations, leaving all three judges in awe. They often express how rewarding it is to mentor these contestants, helping them refine their musical and acting skills.

Stepping into the shoes of Mexican singer Ángela Aguilar is no mean feat. Born into a family of musicians, including her father, Pepe Aguilar, and grandfather, Antonio Aguilar, Ángela has been immersed in the industry since birth, making music a part of her family heritage.

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An elated Amparo Grisales gushed, “You don’t know how excited I was to hear this artist you are performing. You are the same. How you handle that step from the falsettos to the head voice, that soft and melodious voice with those snores at the time it is”. She made no effort to conceal her emotions.

Feeling thrilled, appreciative, and joyful, the impersonator of the 19-year-old Mexican singer expressed gratitude for the commendation received from Amparo Grisales. The young contestant noted the significance of this praise, as Amparo is known to be the toughest judge to impress.

“You have an impressive voice register. Besides, you look divine, the hair as it is, the dress is perfect, you are beautiful, thank you for having presented yourself in ‘Yo me llamo’, you made me bristle all over”, the telenovela queen concluded.

Pipe Bueno, who performed ‘Recostada en la cama,’ remarked, “We were very anxious to know what was going to happen with this character, and you exceeded expectations, really. Thank you very much for your performance. In fact, I had the pleasure of working with Angelita and her father in Miami for some awards”, thus confirming the excellence of her performance.

In conclusion, Cesar Escola, the presenter, composer, and musical director, said: “Beyond the imitation, what you achieved was to immerse everyone, the public, and the jury, in a dream, nostalgia, and feeling, and that is achieved when it is done with the heart, and you put it, I congratulate you if your name is Angela Aguilar.”