Ángela Aguilar talks about her love life and assures that “she has plenty of suitors”

Angela Aguilar is considered one of the most popular rising artists of the moment, so it is not surprising that the famous steals the hearts of millions around the world. This is something that does not go unnoticed by the young woman and she confirmed in a recent interview that “there is a long line of suitors” who seek to steal her heart. What did she say about it? Here we tell you.

Recently, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter was interviewed on the “Hoy” program, where He broke the silence and spoke about the controversial separation between his friend and colleague Christian Nodal with Belinda, as well as his love life.

In this regard, Ángela Aguilar shared some unpublished details about the different breakups she has suffered in recent years and how she has coped with them.

During her story, the 18-year-old assured that it does not matter who of the two parties ends a relationship, since it is a grieving process that is difficult to overcome: “It happened to me. I mean, I broke up with someone, I broke up with them and I cried very low”revealed to Andrea Escalona.

Once talking about the subject, the hosts of the morning show did not miss the opportunity to ask the interpreter of “” if at this moment her heart has an owner.

With a smile on her face and with the humor that characterizes her, Ángela affirmed that “there are many. I have plenty of suitors, but I lack desire.

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