Ángela Aguilar wore a 300,000-peso jumpsuit at Premio Lo Nuestro 2022

A few days ago, the award ceremony for the Lo Nuestro Award 2022where without a doubt, one of the artists who stole the gaze of the entire public was singer Angela Aguilar.

The young artist wore a dressing room series with whom managed to demonstrate his broad taste for fashionsince with these outfits elegant, modern plus jovialmanaged to get the applause of all the spectators.

How do we share you in AmericanPost.NewsWhen it comes to clothes, the singer spares no price when she likes something valuable, as she demonstrated when she paid an exorbitant price for a pair of YSL brand heels.

Ángela Aguilar wears a jumpsuit valued at 300 thousand pesos

It is well known that singer Angela Aguilar She has very good taste for fashion, so the singer never misses the opportunity to show off her spectacular figure.

This time Angela shocked everyone with the outfits he wore during its partition in Lo Nuestro Award 2022with which he managed to demonstrate versatility, dramatics and elegance.

The truth is, the costumes with which the singer of the regional genre caused more controversywas the one he wore to receive the award as Female Revelation Artist.

This outfit was a black jumpsuit from the famous designer Elie Saab and which made the star shine on stage with its modern and youthful design.

This piece that the member of the Aguilar dynasty wore, is valued at a price of $326,842 pesos Mexican, since it is made with beaded embroidery, a flared cut with sleeves, fringes and is accompanied by a belt with golden details.

To which categories was Ángela Aguilar nominated for Premio Lo Nuestro 2022?

He was a finalist in seven categories

After announcing the nominees for the Lo Nuestro Awards 2022Angela Aguilar ended up as finalist in seven different categories.

At just 18 years of age, the singer has become the Mexican with the most nominations in the most important event of Latin music.

The nominations in which he was a finalist were:

  • Lo Nuestro Award Artist of the Year
  • Album of the Year for Mexicana Enamorada
  • Song of the year for Tell me how you want (ft Christian Nodal)
  • Female Revelation Artist
  • Regional Mexican Artist of the Year
  • Song of the Year – Regional Mexican for Tell me how you want
  • Album of the Year – Regional Mexican for Mexicana Enamorada