Angela Aguilar’s Alleged Romance With Josh Ball

The controversy surrounding Ángela Aguilar's rumored love life, including her ties with celebrities and NFL player Josh Ball's troubled past.

Rumors have recently circulated about the budding romance between singer Ángela Aguilar and NFL celebrity Josh Ball. Ball has garnered attention not only for his football career but also for a past incident involving allegations of violence against an ex-girlfriend.

Aguilar’s link to the Dallas Cowboys player emerged through their online interactions, and a possible connection was pointed out by the entertainment show, Chisme No Like. Despite lacking conclusive evidence about this alleged romance, criticism has arisen over Aguilar’s involvement with Ball, given his history of alleged violence.

A Tryst Mired In Controversy

This wouldn’t be the first time Aguilar has been in a romantic controversy. In April 2022, her relationship with young celebrity Gussy Lau came to light. The nature of their courtship’s confirmation and the significant age gap – Lau being 15 years her senior – sparked substantial debate.

This relationship eventually ended in August 2022, a conclusion deduced from their public statements. Despite never officially confirming their breakup, the evidence suggested an end to their affair.

Josh Ball’s Troubled Past

Josh Ball’s past has not been without incident. Born on May 15, 1998, Ball started his football career at Florida State University. He had to step away from the field following allegations of physical assault by his then-girlfriend, Sandra Sellers. Sellers accused Ball of multiple instances of physical abuse throughout their 18-month relationship, allegedly culminating in 11 separate assaults.

She sought legal protection against Ball, which led to his temporary suspension from the alma mater and subsequent transfer to Butler Community College. Although these accusations resulted in no formal charges against him, Ball’s past continues to spark conversations.

On the Field and Off

Following the accusations, Ball eventually resumed his football career, joining the Cowboys in 2021. His life appeared to return to normalcy, and he has since avoided addressing the allegations raised by his ex-girlfriend.

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Ángela Aguilar and High-Profile Romances

Angela Aguilar has often found herself linked to several celebrities. The most notable and controversial of these romances was her relationship with Gussy Lau. Their closeness emerged due to Lau’s work with the Aguilar family, which led to a significant amount of public criticism, even though the family offered their support. Images shared on social media by friends of Lau showcased the two together, further fueling the controversy.

Silent On the Accusations

While no official confirmation has come from Aguilar regarding her rumored relationship with Ball, Chisme No Like highlighted certain social media interactions that suggest an ongoing connection.

These include the NFL player’s liking of Aguilar’s Instagram posts and their mutual followers, including friends and security team members of Aguilar. Additionally, Ball was shown in an Instagram story, apparently from Aguilar’s property, deepening their relationship’s intrigue.

A Singer and Her Romances

At 19 years old, Ángela Aguilar has become an influential regional Mexican music genre figure. However, much of the recent talk surrounding Aguilar has been related to her romantic liaisons and controversial statements rather than her artistic achievements.

Besides her known relationship with Lau, she has also been linked with Cristian Nodal following their collaborative video. Given his tainted past, the recent rumor of her involvement with Josh Ball is likely to stir further controversy.