Angela Aguilar’s controversial cover of ‘La gata bajo la lluvia’ with Steve Aoki faces backlash

But what's the need? Angela Aguilar and Steve Aoki release a cover of "La gata bajo la lluvia" and nobody liked it.

Angela Aguilar released a cover of “La gata bajo la lluvia” with Steve Aoki, which nobody liked; this sounds like. One of the best-known hits of Spanish singer Rocio Durcal is undoubtedly “La gata bajo la lluvia.”

This tune was composed by composer Rafael Pérez Botija and was part of the album ‘Confidencias’ by Rocío Durcal, released in 1981.

Despite the years, “La gata bajo la lluvia” is known by the new generations as an emblematic song of Spanish music.

That is why Ángela Aguilar – 19 years old – and Steve Aoki thought doing a cover was a good idea, but no one expected the result.

Ángela Aguilar lanza nueva versión de La Gata bajo la lluvia
Ángela Aguilar releases new version of La Gata bajo la lluvia ( Cpatura/YouTube )

Ángela Aguilar does a new version of “La gata bajo la lluvia” and the social networks reproach her for it.

On Friday, June 16, Angela Aguilar and Steve Aoki released their collaboration ‘Invítame un café,’ a cover of ‘La gata bajo la lluvia.’

The song has tinges of pop and electronica and is already on all digital platforms.

Invítame un café’ has more than 66 thousand reproductions, but several social network users reproached Ángela Aguilar for having “ruined” the famous classic.

Steve Aoki – 45 years old – shared his collaboration with Ángela Aguilar on his social networks, and the bad comments were not long in coming.

“It’s a Rocío Durcal classic, please, why ruin it,” “You better put Rocío Durcal’s voice,” “You better have a collaboration with BTS,” and “Excellent performance. Hopefully, it won’t happen again.”

Many social network users considered that the new version of “La gata bajo la lluvia” was ruined by Ángela Aguilar’s voice.

And they even asked Steve Aoki to put the voice of Rocía Durcal ‘s voice in the melody, as it would sound better.

It wasn’t all bad, and some liked Ángela Aguilar’s ‘Invítame un café.’

Since Ángela Aguilar revealed that she has Argentinian blood through her maternal grandmother, her detractors have not forgiven her, and she has been the target of cruel criticism.

However, her fans congratulate her for her new version of “La gata bajo la lluvia.”

In the video and publications on social networks, they began to praise Ángela Aguilar and Steve Aoki‘s collaboration.

“Great collaboration,” “We deserve more collaborations,” “I really liked this song,” “Angela in any genre is the best,” and “Thank you, Angela, for your talent.”

Opinions have been divided on the new version of “La gata bajo la lluvia” by Ángela Aguilar and Steve Aoki, while the song is very close to 100 thousand plays on YouTube.

Ángela Aguilar y Steve Aoki lanzan nueva versión de 'La gata bajo la lluvia'
Ángela Aguilar and Steve Aoki release new version of ‘La gata bajo la lluvia’ ( Special )