Angela Aguilar’s controversial dirty jeans that sparked fan dismay are actually a luxury Balenciaga design

Angela Aguilar's jeans choice divides opinions, revealing a luxury design mistaken for everyday wear by many.

In a recent social media post, popular singer Ángela Aguilar sparked a heated debate over her choice of attire, with a particular focus on her jeans. The 19-year-old artist often shares her daily outfits with followers, but her latest photo received an unexpected barrage of reactions.

Ángela Aguilar’s recent Instagram post featured her standing in front of a mirror, donning a black off-shoulder blouse, light ankle-length jeans, and black sneakers. Her accompanying caption read, “From story to post…”. However, instead of the usual appreciative comments, many users swiftly pointed to the jeans which, to them, appeared to be soiled.

Comments flooded in, including remarks such as “Angela, why do your pants look dirty?”, “A wash and we move forward”, and “I’ll buy you other pants”. Some even went on to jestingly refer to Aguilar as a bricklayer.

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Not Dirty, But Designer

While the initial reactions might paint the jeans in a negative light, other users were quick to point out a different perspective. The marks, which many perceived as dirt or grease, were actually part of the pants’ design. The debate took an interesting turn when some identified the jeans as a product of the luxury brand, Balenciaga. Known for their avant-garde designs, the brand often plays with unconventional styles, and the “dirty” look of Aguilar’s jeans is no exception.

To further underscore the value of Aguilar’s fashion choice, some users highlighted that these jeans retail for over 35 thousand Mexican pesos (approximately two thousand dollars).

The Endless Fashion Cycle

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Ángela Aguilar’s recent outfit controversy underscores the age-old debate of subjective taste and the fine line between avant-garde and everyday wear. While it’s clear that not everyone appreciates Balenciaga’s unique design, Aguilar’s choice has undoubtedly put the spotlight on the brand once again. Whether one sees them as dirty or designer, there’s no denying they’ve made a mark.

Balenciaga (Screenshot)
Balenciaga (Screenshot)