Ángela Aguilar’s emotional speech at the Lo Nuestro Awards 2022

The singer competed alongside her cousin in the same category in which she was awarded (Photo: Instagram/@angela_aguilar_)

Angela Aguilar starred in one of the most emotional moments in the Lo Nuestro Awards due to the words he released after being awarded as female revelation artist.

After the media and fans of the young woman have repeatedly pointed out that there is an alleged rivalry between the daughter of Pepe Aguilar and his cousin, Majo Aguilarthe interpreter of where they see me highlighted the importance of women within the mexican regional gender.

I want to dedicate this to all women, because the Mexican regional genre is a genre that needs to bring more women and I am very happy to be able to represent the new generation of Mexicans and I hope that all the girls who are watching us at home are encouraged because strong women can”, declared Ángela Aguilar upon receiving the Female Revelation Artist award, the same one that his cousin Majo contended.

Lo Nuestro Awards 2022
The Lo Nuestro Awards were held in Miami (Photo: Special)

The talent that has come from the Aguilar Dynasty is undeniable, from Anthony Aguilar and Wild flower even the children of Pepe Aguilar, however, on more than one occasion the young interpreters have denied that there is a conflict between both.

there is no rivalry and I just grabbed my cell phone because yesterday I wrote to my cousin and sent her many stickers telling him that congratulations on his nomination (…) There is literally no rivalry between my cousin and I because we started singing together at my grandparents’ farewell, I adore her,” Angela said in an interview with Wake up America. “ReallyI believe that as women we cannot afford to have rivalries because we are in a moment and in a genre where that is no longer accepted”, he added.

Meanwhile, Majo Aguilar has made it clear that what was said in the media and among his fans causes him great annoyance due to the closeness you have with your family.

Majo Aguilar and Angela Aguilar
In more than one song, the young women have denied that there is a rivalry between the two (Photo: Instagram/@majo_aguilar)

Already very here between us, yes it has suddenly been very exhausting because, like it or not, I am very sensitive and I love my family very much, and no matter how much you clarify things (they don’t stop commenting). Because yes, suddenly things have to be clarified, ”he expressed to windowed at the beginning of the month. I’ve always said, they’re not Olympics, I mean, it’s not like you have to win one or the other… And I speak specifically of her because that is always the comparison, “he said.

On the other hand, during the award ceremony, the young singer joined talent with Christian Nodal, Camilo, David Bisbal and Grupo Firme to pay tribute to Vicente Fernandez, who passed away at the end of last year. The artists praised the career of the Charro from Huentitan performing a medley of hits that included The Tapatio, The errands, A million springs, Here between us and How I forget you.

Vicente Fernandez
Nodal, David Bisbal, Camilo and Grupo Firme also paid tribute to Vicente Fernández (Photo art: Infobae México)

During the tribute, large images of Vicente Fernández could be seen on stage. The Charro of Huentitan this year had two posthumous nominations: Album of the Year-Regional Mexican for at my 80and Mariachi/Ranchera Song of the Year for Don’t insist anymore heart.

In this edition there was also an award for Pauline Rubio for her long career in the music industry, however, after receiving recognition from David Bisbal, the singer of Not a single word decided not to make any speeches, as reported by the AP agency, however, lThe singer bowed to the audience, thankingwhere their children were.


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