Ángela Aguilar’s latest tattoo sparks contrast between her choices and her father’s image

Unveiling a new tattoo, Ángela Aguilar navigates body autonomy debates while balancing her father's expectations and her adoring fans.

Ángela Aguilar, one of today’s most popular singers, has once again generated controversy after a photo showing her tattooing her back was leaked. Despite the strict image that her father, Pepe Aguilar, has shown on occasions, the young artist decided about her own body.

Although the exact size and design of the tattoo are unknown, this is not the first time that Ángela Aguilar has decided to mark her skin permanently. Previously, she had already shared a small heart-shaped tattoo on one of her arms on social networks, although she did not reveal its meaning.

The fact that Ángela has been tattooed again has generated criticism on social networks. Some users highlight the apparent contradiction between her father’s image and her choice to have tattoos: “Not that strict her father, Pepe Aguilar.” However, others argue that Pepe Aguilar has no authority to forbid his daughter to do what he does and that he can advise her.

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There is no doubt that the young singer has an affinity for tattoos, as she has also praised and shared the designs of many of her fans on social networks. Despite the criticism, Ángela Aguilar continues to be a beloved figure for her music and talent, and her new foray into the world of tattoos does not seem to have affected her popularity.

Recently, Angela has surprised her audience with a new cover in collaboration with Steve Aoki, featuring a more electronic version of a song. With every step she takes in her career, Ángela Aguilar continues to captivate her audience and leave her mark on the music industry.