Angélica Arenas, Star of La Usurpadora, Passes Away at 85

Venezuelan actress Angélica Arenas, famed for "La Usurpadora", dies at 85 after a cancer battle, leaving a rich legacy.

The entertainment world was stunned earlier today by the news of the passing of renowned actress Angélica Arenas, best known for her role in the hit telenovela “La Usurpadora”. The Televisa star’s death was confirmed following her intense battle with cancer.

Born in Venezuela on April 20, 1938, Arenas began her journey in the arts by studying acting. She quickly gained recognition as the lead in various plays, and after a period in Europe, she returned to her home country, where she would become a household name. Among her most notable roles were those in “Gata Salvaje” and the aforementioned “La Usurpadora”. The latter, in particular, showcased her remarkable talent, when she played the unforgettable character, “Sara”.

The actress won everyone's affection. Photo: Special
The actress won everyone’s affection. Photo: Special

Who was Angelica Arenas, actress of “La Usurpadora”?

Néstor Luis Llabanero, a respected figure in show business, relayed the news that Arenas passed away on Sunday, August 20, in a Miami hospital. The city became her home after she left Venezuela. Complications related to her cancer are cited as the cause of her death.

Her influence on the entertainment industry was profound. “She won everyone’s affection,” said one insider. The outpouring of condolences and remembrances online, particularly highlighting her performance in “La Usurpadora”, is a testament to her enduring legacy.

She died at the age of 85. Photo: Special
She died at the age of 85. Photo: Special

Where did Angélica Arenas act?

In 2022, Arenas made her last public appearance during the release of her book, a memoir detailing her experiences in Venezuela and Mexico. It offered fans a deeper look into the life of a woman who, through her roles, touched countless hearts. Her journey from the stages of Venezuela to the screens of millions will be remembered for years to come.