Angélica Rivera went from being a famous actress to an Uber driver

Angelica Rivera She became one of the actresses most loved by viewers, especially for her participation in Destilando Amor where she gave life to ‘La Gaviota’, so after her departure from the show business, her fans have been waiting for her return, however, everything indicates that the artist changed profession and is now Uber driver.

And it is that, the ex-wife of Enrique Peña Nieto has shown on more than one occasion that before fame and glamor also in mother, so now she is dedicated to spending more time with her three daughters.

Let’s remember that La Gaviota has stayed away from social networks but especially from public life, so it was during the December celebrations that Rivera reappeared with his daughters and José Alberto ‘El Güero’ Castro.

Angélica Rivera, a new Uber driver?

After her high-profile divorce from Peña Nieto and taking a break to tend to her family and other businesses, the actress enjoyed the December celebrations with her daughters, Sofia Castro, Fernanda Castro Y Regina castro.

And it was precisely, Fernanda, who boasted on social networks that Rivera has made his debut as Uber VIP driver, since he only provides his services for his three daughters.

Angelica’s daughter stressed that her mother was a “Uber mother”And on the way back home, he took the opportunity to sing at the top of his lungs with the artist. And it was so, that the actress revealed once again her motherly love and that when her daughters are at home she does not miss the opportunity to pamper them.

Where is Angélica Rivera today?

The actress left her artistic career to enjoy more time with her family

Angélica Rivera divorced Enrique Peña Nieto in 2019, just months after leaving office as first lady of Mexico, after the scandal, the actress withdrew from public life. From what little is known, La Gaviota currently resides in California, United States, from where he has dedicated himself to his family and his businesses.

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