Angelique Boyer is still determined not to have children and Sebastián Rulli supports her

The actress Angelique Boyer recently stated thatand every day she becomes more convinced that she does not want to have children. But now, his partner for more than seven years, the actor Sebastian Rullihas ensured that supports his girlfriend’s decision not to become a mother.

During an interview on the Hoy program, the 33-year-old actress stated that she has no intention of being a mother: “The truth is that I am more convinced every day that it is probable that I do not have children”he expressed.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.News, Angelique Boyer has long said that she does not want to have children with Rulli, nor does she consider it necessary for them to marry. “We are living very different times, however there is still a lot of judgmentbut the truth is that it is something that nobody cares, “concluded the famous.

Sebastián Rulli agrees with Angelique Boyer’s decision

The actors do not feel it is necessary to have a child together/Photo: Mag Angelique and Sebastián have been dating for more than seven years/Photo: MWN

The 46-year-old actor was also questioned about Angelique Boyer’s decision during an interview on the “Hoy” program, and Sebastián assured that he supports the choice his girlfriend has made, and that he sees himself with her in the future:

“The truth is that I see myself with her in 5 years and much more, tWe have a relationship of much love, of much friendship, of interested and sincere affectiononly God knows the miracle of life but personally we have no plans (to have children) ”, declared the soap opera heartthrob.

Notably Sebastián Rulli is already the father of a 12-year-old boy named Santiagowhich was born from his ex-marriage to actress Cecilia Galliano. In addition, Angelique has managed to have a good coexistence with her stepson.

Why doesn’t Angelique Boyer want to be a mother?

Angelique and Sebastián have been dating for more than seven years/Photo: MWN

The Televisa star herself has explained in various interviews that the reason she does not want to be a mother is firstly for his workbecause being an actress, she is aware that she is very demanding, since sometimes she has to spend many hours and even stay during the early morning on recordings.

Another reason has to do with the overpopulation of the planet, because in the future there could be a shortage of water and other resources that are essential for life. Angelique Boyer has stated that getting married and having children is not everyone’s dream, but rather a tradition that society usually imposes.

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