Anitta lowers her skirt and shows off her sensual figure and tan


Photo: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Anitta has returned to show off her sensuality on her Instagram account, social network in which he has more than 62 million followers.

This photograph was taken for the cover of Vogue Brasil magazine. In the image you see the Brazilian and her bust covered by a design of white ribbons that cross over her and reveal her flat abdomen. In addition, she lowered her skirt and revealed the marks of her bikini tan on one side of her hip.

This post has so far more than 380,000 likes and more than 2,600 comments from social media users. In the magazine’s interview, the singer talked about open relationships:

“If the person makes me feel that way (well), I don’t care if they’ve had sex with someone else. Don’t even tell me, do what you want and come back. If I still feel loved, wanted, special, I don’t care what the person does when I’m not there. The last straw for me is exposing myself, harming my work, not supporting me, ”she expressed for the Brazilian magazine, according to what the text that accompanies the photograph on her Instagram account reveals.

Anitta constantly tends to boast of her sensual figure through social networks. A few weeks ago, the Brazilian was shown wearing a tight white body and shaking her body to the rhythm of “María Elegant”, a song she has in collaboration with Dj Afro.

In this video he highlighted his rear, because the body was made of thread and exposed all this part of his body. In addition, the tan could also be seen. This publication of the artist has more than 800,000 likes on her Instagram profile.

Anitta has just participated in the renowned Coachella festival, where she also wore very sensual outfits that highlight all the attributes of her body.

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