Anna Kikina, the first Russian cosmonaut at SpaceX to go to the ISS, reveals trip experiments

The cosmonaut russian anna kikina revealed details about his participation in a NASA mission and SpaceXwhere you will carry out certain experiments, among other activities.

In an interview with collaborator Debate, Manuel MazzantiKikina confessed from Roscosmos, Russian Federal Space Agency, feeling very inspired and excited to go on this trip.

The engineer and cosmonaut will be part of the crew of the Crew 5 Mission, it is a project between NASA and Elon Musk’s private space firm.

Anna Kikina: The first Russian cosmonaut to board a SpaceX ship

The Crew 5 mission will be SpaceX’s eighth manned mission, and the first to be commanded by a woman, Nicole Mann, an astronaut from the POT.

anna kikina 37 years old, will be the first cosmonaut of the Russian Roscosmos space agency, in boarding a ship of the commercial firm SpaceX.

Anna was selected as a cosmonaut in 2012, so she has been training for this moment for 12 years.

Did you ever imagine that your first flight into space would be launched from the USA, on a rocket and in a commercial capsule (Crew Dragon)? Manuel Mazzanti asks the cosmonaut.

Anne: “You’re right. I’ve been 10 years in the cosmonaut corps and was preparing for my first flight a long time ago. And I never thought I would have the possibility of being able to fly in the commercial crew program, the truth is that it was like a “boom” in my life; something totally unexpected.”

“When they informed me of the possibility, and I am very happy (…) later I hope to be able to fly in a Soyuz because I spent a lot of time training for that (laughs).”

Kikina confesses what is the biggest challenge of training to go to space

Considering that Anna had her training with Russian ships, Mazzanti asks her: What did you enjoy the most about training in a Crew Dragon and what are the main differences with a Soyuz, and what was the most difficult?

“The most difficult thing was the exchange, maintaining a good physical condition became complicated due to the constant back and forth trips between one continent and another. It is a reality”.

“Because these trips destroy your body and you have to rest to be able to adapt. But everything else is very interesting and I have been very focused on the process. And despite all this, I always had the energy and the will to carry out every task and I love doing it.

Mazzanti: I saw the press conference where you are with the rest of the crew and you can see that they have very good chemistry.

Anna answers quite happily: “Yes! You’re right, we have very good chemistry, I could even draw us into a big heart (laughs)” But it’s true we have very good communication between us and that makes me very happy, I like it. And I don’t know why I have received this incredible gift that life gives me.”

Anna Kikina would do a spacewalk on the ISS in a Soyuz

Taking into account that last June 2020, it had been said that it was possible for the Russian engineer to carry out a spacewalk, since her fellow cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko said that it was expected that Kikina back on his mission fall 2022 to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Soyuz MS-22.

Faced with this possibility, Mazzanti asked him the following: What are the main activities to be carried out at the station? What are you most looking forward to, some kind of experiment? And I don’t remember if you’re going to do a spacewalk… what do you expect in these next six months?

Anna: “The most interesting thing for me, within everything that we are going to do, I can separate two things: Within the Russian segment we have new equipment and experiments and I really want to try to work with them and use them. Do not try – corrects – Do it! “.

“I think every astronaut wants to have the experience of being outside the station, and I’m hoping I will too.”

“I still don’t know when, it could be in this expeditionbecause there is still time for certain changes, but for now I will give walking support programmed and also operating the new european robotic arm“.

So, is there a chance you can do a hike on this mission, but we don’t know yet? Mazzanti asks.

Anna: “For now the plan I have is to attend the walks and operate the European robotic arm, but… who knows?” the Russian cosmonaut replied.

Russia withdraws from the ISS; Anna talks about the importance of maintaining the Station

In July, Russia announced that it would withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS), after its current commitment ends at the end of 2024. In this context, the International Space Station would no longer have Russians.

“Anna, sometimes it has been difficult not to talk about the current political situation, but seeing the relationship with your colleagues and how the station works… do you think that the space station should continue to be a beacon of peace, friendship and collaboration until the end of the station’s life?” asks the interviewer.

Anna, in a serious tone, replies: “Yes, Manuel, I agree with you. I believe that we have and must maintain, at this time, and try to protect this destination from improving it in the future. And that they allow us to use it as a great common platform , a trampoline…”.

Cosmonaut Anna Kikina, an inspiration for many women and space lovers

Mazzanti credits Anna as an inspiration to so many young women: “not only in Russia, but around the world too… when you are in the station, will you be able to get in touch with them? or maybe talk live with colleges in Russia? How will you be able to connect with them so that later they can be more proactive and perhaps become future cosmonauts?

Anna: “Public events are part of the activities of our profession, and we do them constantly, and at the station too. I’m glad to be taken as an example of our profession, and if I can be an example, why not? “.

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“I want to show kids, teens, and people of all ages, and see if they’re interested, how this works and what it takes to be here. And that’s good, that’s great…” Kikina replied.