Anne Heche in critical condition after serious car accident

Through social networks they have spread the images of the car accident of the American actress Anne HecheThey report that his condition is critical. And it is that, the actress was hospitalized with burns, after her vehicle caught fire after the accident.

According to the accounts of some witnesses to the TMZ site, the famous woman was driving a blue Mini Cooper, but it crashed into the garage of an apartment complex, which is why the neighbors tried to get the actress out of her car. .

In the entertainment news we have shared the most shocking moments that some celebrities have suffered with respect to car accidents, some were fortunate not to suffer serious damage, but after making known what happened to Heche, they have reported that their condition It’s critic.

Anne Heche was in a car accident

When the neighbors tried to get the actress out of her vehicle, she backed out of the place, but again crashed and went into a house, which caused a fire, which caused burns to the famous, who was transferred to the emergency room. to a hospital.

According to the site, they indicate that the actress could have been under the influence of alcohol. On the other hand, they have mentioned that the actress is intubated but that she is expected to survive. On the other hand, the doctors mentioned that her condition prevents them from determining if she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

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How old is Anne Heche?

The actress is 53 years old.

The actress has 53 years old. The famous one is known for being the protagonist of “Seven days and seven nights”, “In the storm”, “Without a trace”, among other films, also for an affair that Anne Heche had with Ellen DeGeneres in the nineties.

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