Another debut: Yadier Molina took the mound for the first time in the Major Leagues at age 39 [Video]

Yadier Molina took the mound and debuted as a pitcher for the first time in MLB.

Photo: Justin Berl/Getty Images

Yadier Molina’s 19-year Major League career has seen it all: Championships, impressive home runs, pairings with Cy Young Award-winning pitchers and has lived through many historic moments, but he had never had the opportunity to pitch in MLB until this Sunday when he took the mound in the blowout of St. Louis vs. pittsburgh.

Molina took the ball in the ninth inning as the Cardinals led the Pirates 18-0 and thus, like Albert Pujols did the previous week, make his Major League pitching debut.

Although as expected, allowed runs through two home runs by Jack Suwinski and Yoshi Tsutsugo and an RBI hit by Ke’Bryan Hayes, closing the game with a final score of 18-4.

Although the catcher pretended to be upset for having allowed runs and not making the shutout, the truth is that he enjoyed his debut as a pitcher and after the game he joked with several of his teammates, including Pujols himself, with whom he had a rather humorous conversation .

At least I got one out before I got a home run. You, first pitch and boomPujols joked, facing an immediate response from Yadier Molina.

It was raining, I couldn’t catch the ball well. If he hadn’t been raining he would have dropped my split-finger.“, joked the catcher.

Curiously, although he had never pitched in MLB, he had in Puerto Rico with the Atenienses de Manatí in 2021during the semifinal phase of the tournament in a match that lost by a scandalous score of 30-8 against Indios de Mayagüez.

On that occasion, he faced four batters, received a home run and even struck out a batter.

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