Another journalist is killed in Mexico; add 14 in 2022

The violence against journalists in Mexico seems to have no end.

Photo: VICTORIA RAZO/AFP / Getty Images

Journalist Juan Arjón López, an independent reporter from the city of San Luis Río Colorado, state of Sonora (northwestern Mexico), was found deadthe state Attorney General’s Office reported on Tuesday.

A week after he was last seen, the body of Arjón López was located a few kilometers from the border with the state of ArizonaUSA.

The crime is the fourteenth murder that occurs in Mexico against journalists so far in 2022.

The attorney general of Justice in Sonora, Claudia Contreras, confirmed the information and recalled that the authorities began the search ex officio on Monday, since no family member reported her disappearance.

“Now we have to work hard on the investigation to clarify the case and not rule out any possible line of investigation,” said the prosecutor.

Arjón López made broadcasts through the page “What are you afraid of”, in which he stopped publishing on August 2.

According to friends of the victim, the journalist lived in a Rehabilitation Center where he left periodically to broadcast live on Facebook and work in a food store.

The NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSP) denounced “unprecedented” violence in 2022 against the press in Mexico, which continues to be one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism in the world.

On August 3, journalist Ernesto Méndez was assassinated in the state of Guanajuato, becoming the 13th communicator executed in the country since January, according to the NGO Article 19.

Before Arjón and Méndez were assassinated, Antonio de la Cruz, Yessenia Mollinedo Falconi, Sheila García Olivera, Luis Enrique Ramírez, Lourdes Maldonado, Margarito Martínez, Heber López Cruz, Juan Carlos Muñiz, Jorge Camero Zazueta, Roberto Toledo, José Luis Gamboa and Armando Linares.

According to figures from Article 19, since 2000, at least 154 communicators have been murdered in Mexico in possible relation to their journalistic work.

Since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came to power in December 2018, there have been around 2,000 attacks against the press in the country, including 39 murders, 14 so far this year.

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