Anthony Aranda begged Paula days before her ampay with Melissa: “You go out every day, you disconnect, you don’t care”

As announced, the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” showed this Monday the compromising conversations that Anthony Aranda had with Paula Manzanal days before he is sheltered in affectionate situations with Melissa Paredes.

LOOK: The reaction of Melissa Paredes after being consulted by chats and audios of the “Activating Cat” and Paula Manzanal

As revealed by the show program, the dancer denied at all times the possibility of starting an affair with the actress because she was a mother and because she was married.

Honey, don’t be jealous of Melissa (Paredes). You know that for the job we stop rehearsing. I like her, she’s cool, but I’m here for you and she has a husband (…) there’s no way. Don’t be jealous of Meli, she is a married woman with children, please.”, reads one of the chats that they would have held on September 10.

LOOK: The compromising chats of Anthony Aranda and Paula Manzanal: “Love, don’t be jealous of Melissa”

He begged Paula for attention

In the conversations broadcast by the Magaly Medina program, the popular “Activator Cat” complained to Paula Manzanal for her lack of interest in him.

Sweetheart I miss you so much. (…) I have never given up on our plans, but I see you in another woman. She’s fine, every day you go out, go to tone, whatever you want, but you disconnect, it’s like you don’t care. There is never, never a how are you?, I miss you, I want to see you, a video call, nothing, you don’t care”, the dancer is heard.

The popular “Urraca” continued to show more audio showing that Anthony Aranda had planned to travel to Spain to try something serious with Manzanal.

“(…) They didn’t tell me anything bad, they just told me why I haven’t told you to be my girlfriend yet. And I told him that when I was (in Spain) things were going to change (…) Sweetie, how are you? Have you missed me? Apparently not because you don’t even write to me “it is read in another part of the conversation, which, according to Magaly Medina, are from September 21.


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